Anuja Agrawal


Anuja Agrawal is CEO and founder of Health Flights Solutions, a global provider of services and solutions to healthcare providers, insurance companies, multinational employers, governments and medical tourism facilitators. Its premiere product, Global Patient Management System™, is a technologically advanced medical tourism marketplace that allows each participant to fully automate and manage their medical tourism and patient management activities, while facilitating collaboration between the members (B2B and B2C) in the eco-system. By consolidating patient requests from facilitators and institutional buyers, GPMS drives traffic to healthcare providers while providing the tools to increase conversions, improve efficiency, and enhance patient satisfaction, while being in compliance with security and privacy regulations.

Additionally, its Health Centers Plus™ program, developed with Willis Towers Watson, offers self-funded employers and institutional buyers access to a carefully selected domestic and/or international network of medical providers for planned medical procedures. With over 100,000 members, it is the fastest growing group of its kind in the industry. Health Centers Plus is a full service, turnkey program, which encompasses initial evaluation and consulting, program development and rollout, employee engagement, and complete patient management. HFS is actively growing the network of world-class healthcare providers to support its growing member base.

Ms. Agrawal is a recognized leader in the medical tourism industry. She is the technology strategy advisor for the Medical Tourism Association and the Global Benefits Association, has authored several articles, and has been a keynote speaker and presented at world-wide events on a range of topics including medical tourism, cost-saving strategies for self-insured employers, remote second opinions, CRM, healthcare technology, business strategy, process improvement, and business intelligence.

She has 29 years of experience in the information technology and consulting industries. Most recently, she was CEO of a consulting firm providing high level consulting services, such as strategic planning, business process evaluation and improvement, customer relationship management, business intelligence, and strategies for enabling and integrating technologies, to large financial institutions.

Prior to that, Ms. Agrawal has held senior management positions with several Fortune 500 companies, including EDS and Fidelity Information Services, with responsibilities including managing the operations of entire divisions as well as strategic product direction, product development, system architecture, product integration, pricing and marketing strategies, contract management, acquisitions, and alliance management.

Ms. Agrawal holds a master’s degree in business administration. She is married with two children and resides in Orlando, Florida.

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