Abdallah Al-Hindawi


From 2009 until January 2017 I held the position of Chief Executive Officer for the Private Hospitals Association, Jordan (PHA). My main brief was to promote and sustain MSME`s and business association development, promotion of medical tourism exports and marketing the continually developing medical and health care services provided by Jordanian private hospitals to local and foreign patients, in order to assist them to develop their services, adopt best international practices and implement effective promotional, training, and CSR plans, thus augmenting the hospitals’ capabilities and capacities. In addition, I was proactive in the development of the association’s managerial, administrative and financial capabilities, ensuring effective governance, financial management, efficient fundraising, successful public policy advocacy, creative marketing and communication and membership recruitment. The value of my efforts was corroborated by the association’s success in receiving the King Abdallah II Best Practices Excellence Awards in 2009 and 2011, the King Abdallah II Seal of Excellence Award in 2013 and the Jordan Destination of the Year Award in 2014.

Concerning medical tourism initiatives, I have been working towards the development of medical tourism strategies in Jordan since 2009; I first joined the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) when they were hosting the MTA FAM tour, and later attended the Medical Tourism Conferences in Jordan 2012 and 2015, the CMTP program in Jordan in 2015, the Jordan Destination Guide, and submitted a consortium proposal to JCP USAID to create the Jordan Medical Tourism Portal. I was then appointed to the Private Hospitals Association (PHA), based on understanding the needs of both stakeholders and the external environment, and to develop, implement, review and monitor annual strategies and procedures, which resulted in a substantial increase in the number of foreign patients coming to Jordan for treatment, thus increasing foreign income earnings from traditional medical tourism markets and boosting the number of foreign patients from non-traditional markets.

More recently, I have developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) and adopted the consortium model that I worked on in Jordan as a consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) between 2006 and 2008, which resulted in the creation of the Jordan Medical Tourism Consortium (JMTC), consisting of six Jordanian accredited hospitals; the Royal Jordanian and Private Hospitals Association (PHA). The SMART strategy targeting KSA, Oman, Algeria, Chad and Kazakhstan received a USAID grant for $300,000 U.S. to support the strategy activities, and last week the USAID grants director sent me a personal statement of commendation which I quote: “I would like to take the chance first to emphasize the fact that you are one of our best grantees with the reporting; your experience in the USAID reporting clearly shows”

I am also currently working with several associations and hospitals on capacity development projects, such the central sterilization unit and the 50 MW PV station for producing electricity to reduce hospitals operational expenses and increase their local and international competitiveness.

On the training and accreditation side, I am working along the Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC) to promote quality and accreditation among hospitals in Jordan, in addition to promoting specific training programs for quality, patient safety, infection control and patients & family rights based on the training needs for member hospitals every year.

I have represented the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) in several official and private health and economic councils, and am presently the person in charge of the Healthcare and Medical Tourism Committee in the Ministry of Planning, which consists of 18 public and private entities in the health sector. Additionally I am a certified EFQM assessor and am currently developing a study, “Excellence in Medical Tourism”.

I have presented at many conferences including Jordan, the UAE, Oman, Poland, Spain, and Kurdistan, to introduce Jordan’s Medical Tourism and Consortium as an Effective Marketing Approach, and I have excellent relations and ongoing communication with local and international stakeholders working in medical tourism, particularly in the MENA region and GCC countries.

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