Speak your own ‘power’ language | Become a Wi-Fi Sponsor

Does your brand speak ‘power’ language? It does when your brand can empower communication, connectivity and capability. Power-up with a Wi-Fi sponsorship at the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Sep. 20-24 in Washington, D.C.

Like many leading solution experts in the industry, you want to be an industry power player. It’s more than just a seat at the table; it’s leading the charge and influencing change. 

Become a Wi-Fi Sponsor

  • Imagine thousands of WMTC delegates meeting you at your booth to receive the Congress Wi-Fi code
  • Greet industry professionals daily as they login to the networking platform, check email and demo technology solutions
  • Tell your story every time Wi-Fi connectivity is ‘on’ for up to 3,000 healthcare and insurance professionals
  • How much would you have to invest for consistent face time in front of your target audience?  Would the opportunity also include premier sponsorship, networking, concierge meetings and a speaking presence?

Take your marketing budget further as an official partner of the WMTC and power Congress Wi-Fi.  

Plan Your ‘Power Trip’ with these other Superior Branding Investments:

  • Sponsor of Networking Platform & App. Ignite pre-scheduled, one-on-one networking for all industry professionals before, after and during the Congress. The app allows attendees to keep track of their favorite sessions onsite in the ‘Plug & Play’ agenda.
  • Grand Ballroom Keynote Sponsor; General Session captivates in the exhibit hall for 2014, creating a new experience and greater networking opportunities. Stand behind the most insightful, relevant and critical presentations of the Congress.
  • Exhibition, Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities come alive with a power player behind it.

Contact Charlie Rodriguez, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator 

and the WMTC Marketing Team to discuss unique opportunity;

[email protected]

 or 561.792.6676 ext. 812


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