Shannon Gardner Wants to ask you a Question, Full-Time or Part Time?

Shannon Gardner headshot (web)Shannon Gardner, Senior Director for Risk Management at Chick-fil-A, will speak at next month’s Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, in Washington D.C. September 25 – 28th.

At Chick-fil-A, Shannon is responsible for Affordable Care Act compliance for the company; and educating over 1,200 employees and 1,500 operators on the law. Additionally, she is responsible for management and placement of all property, casualty and financial product insurance programs, safety and loss control, claims, and health insurance.

At the EHBC, Shannon will present on the topic “Full-Time or Part-Time? That is the (ACA) Question” along with Jeff Taylor, Director of Analytics Solutions at Equifax Workforce Solutions on Monday, September 26, at 11:00 am.

The Affordable Care Act introduced game-changing legislation when it defined the method(s) employers must use to determine whether employees meet the definition of a full-time worker. The devil is in the details, and this session will help you uncover some of the sneakiest challenges that can derail even the most diligent companies in their pursuit for compliance.  Participants will learn:

  • Learn how to identify and overcome top challenges that prevent companies from accurately determining eligibility
  • Discuss the importance of communicating eligibility determinations to internal stakeholders, including managers and employees
  • Explore key takeaways and lessons learned from the 2015 reporting year

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