Now Speaking at #HREV18 – Karen van Caulil, President & CEO – Florida Health Care Coalition

Please briefly describe your company and its contribution to an innovative and disruptive health, wellness, benefits and/or insurance industry?

FLHCC, a 501c3 research and education business group on health, is a community catalyst that uses its collective employer power to effect change in health care quality and cost. FLHCC’s membership includes over 100 Florida public and private employers committed to improving the health care that all Floridians and our visitors receive.

How long have you been involved in the industry?

34 years

How have your previous roles lead you to your current position and where do you see your next big move within your company to serve as an agent of change?

I have worked at academic institutions in program and service line planning and management (Duke, Wake Forest, UCF) and in the community setting (developing and running a large system of care for the uninsured and leading a regional health planning agency). Working first on the provider side where evidence based best practice was being developed and then on the consumer side where access to that best care was often limited for many has given me a true “population health” perspective to our crazy health care system. The second largest payer of health care after the federal government is business and yet, the public health and community health stakeholders had not traditionally engaged business in solving quality improvement and access issues. I saw the opportunity that a business coalition had to really change health care at the market level, ensuring that their members’ workforces are healthy and productive, that their benefits were value based and their leverage could be used to improve an entire community’s health care delivery system. Since I am currently the President and CEO, I don’t see any next “big moves” at FLHCC. I plan to finish my career at FLHCC – there is still plenty of work to be done!

What do you see as the most disruptive innovation in healthcare, benefits, well-being or technology to be today and what do you see around the corner?

Behavior change is so very hard to make happen. I have been very impressed by the impact that digital therapeutics are having on behavior change, especially for individuals with diabetes.

What, in your opinion, is the largest obstacle facing employers today? What do you believe is the number one solution (if you had to choose one) to overcome that obstacle? What has your company done to incorporate this solution today? What is your long-term solution to tackle this challenge?

It is really difficult to convince plan members to change to high value providers due to trust issues (i.e. is my employer really interested in quality over cost?) and the resentment that comes from limiting choice by narrowing a network of providers. The solution is to have excellent marketing and communication with plan members and to offer the high value network as an option. We are working with our employer members to develop appropriate messaging and to reach out on a community wide basis to educate the general community.

How do you envision the future of healthcare five years from now?

I hope that within 5 years we have moved substantially from volume to value in how health care is paid.

What are three things you do each day to improve your own health and well-being?

Yoga, Walking, and the Paleo diet

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received that you would pass along to others just entering the industry?

Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days.


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