MTA Member Custom Assurance Placements to Exhibit at WMTC

The Medical Tourism Association continues to attract key industry stakeholders to the upcoming 7th World Medical Tourism Congress (WMTC). The congress which will be celebrated September 20-24 at The Gaylord National Convention Center near Washington DC is the largest educational and networking event in the medical tourism industry and expects to welcome leaders from healthcare, insurance, government, and industry from around the globe.

One such stakeholder is MTA Member and returning sponsor Custom Assurance Placements (CAP).

CAP LOGO2CAP is a US based insurance brokerage specializing in placing unique and specialized insurance programs.

CAP has developed a worldwide policy for the Medical Travel / Medical Tourism industry.  Global Protective Solutions has become a leading medical travel policy that affords the medical traveler the unique and specialized benefits needed in the event of a trip related accident / injury to include medical complications.

 Medical Tourism Complications Insurance

Most travel insurance policies have an exclusion that prohibits travel for medical GPS logocare. However, travelers protected by Global Protective Solutions  are covered for a medical complication or a travel accident. Coverage is available to individuals or groups.

This is just one of the risk management products Custom Assurance Placements  offers to help the medical tourism industry continue to grow.

As patients continue to cross borders seeking quality and affordable care the industry will look to solutions providers such as CAP for quality products like Global Protective Solutions.

dhThe WMTC offers the largest international platform for buyers and providers of healthcare alike to connect with solutions experts and potential business partners in order improve their programs and expand their global reach.  To learn more about how your organization can  benefit from participating please contact Charlie Rodriguez or the MTA team at 001.561.792.6676 ext. 812


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