Mohaned Alsaadi will Guide You Through the Challenges to Increasing Health Insurance Penetration in GCC Region

Mohaned Alsaadi, MBA is the founder and CEO of Sahara Medical Tourism (IRAQ) which he started in 2007 and Founder and CEO Uruk Tourism investment. Mohaned also serves as Chairman Of Iraq Organization for the Development of Tourism and Antiquities. Before his position Mohaned Alsaadi was administrative director at Alkindy Medical College and also responsible for K.M.C magazine as managing editor for five years, his first international diagnoses centers project in Iraq. He received his pathology diploma from Iraq Medical Institute 1987 and his Master’s Degree of business administration from Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Science in Jordan in 2008.

At the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Orlando FL, September 27 – 30,  Mohaned will speak at the Arab Health and Wellness Summit. The Summit will take place September 28, from 3:00 pm – 5:50 pm.  He will speak on the topic of “Challenges to Increasing Health Insurance Penetration in GCC Region” with Dr. Yaser Sabsabi, VP Head of Medical Claims Preauthorization , Oman Insurance Co. Following this he will then be part of the discussion “Facilitator and Insurance Carrier Perspectives on Outbound Medical Tourism from the Middle East”.

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