Have you been to Mexicali?

MexicaliMexicali is located on the US-Mexico border with Calexico, California. It is a rather young city and it is the state capital of Baja California. With its wildlife variety, Mexicali is a place full of outdoor activities, great food and great hotels. Not only is it in a good location but Mexicali has many options when it comes to Medical services.
Mexicali’s surgeons are known to have the same level of quality as most doctors in the United States. There are fully equipped hospitals with first class facilities. Mexico has several medical schools that are equal the best American institutions, and some of those schools even have the same accreditation standards as American schools. Mexico is becoming a popular North American healthcare destination due to its affordability and reliability. Why is Mexicali more affordable than surgeries in the US? There is a low cost of living, lower health insurance cost and lower operating costs. Surgeries are known to be 50% cheaper, consultations 80% cheaper and dental services up to 70% cheaper. Also, there is a much lower medical malpractice rate; therefore there are no insurance costs and making the whole procedure more affordable. Mexicali is also well known for their quality lap band, gastric bypass, chronic back pain and dental procedures.
Mexicali is one of this year’s silver sponsors. The highly anticipated World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace.

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