Nue to the industry? Export yourself to Washington D.C.

Is your organization ready to expand its presence in the global healthcare industry? Are you seeking to meet face-to-face with leaders from top international hospitals and insurance companies, solutions & technology experts, multinational corporations and government officials?

The exhibition hall at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress will be jam-packed with hundreds of organizations, such as Nueterra Global Alliance & ExportAr, connecting with thousands of delegates from across the globe.

Experience unmatched networking and business generating opportunities at the largest trade fair and exhibition in the industry on September 20-24 in Washington D.C.

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ExportAr Argentina
Bronze Sponsor
Booth 362 & 364

Why is it important for ExportAr to attend the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

We are a mixed institution comprising of both the public and private sectors assisting the business community in selling their competitive products effectively abroad; in order to have access, increase and diversify their exports. For us, it is important to attend because our services and tools are constantly being updated to meet the needs and demands based on the daily interactions with our customers. The congress is the perfect avenue for us to share our activities as well as gain valuable feedback.

What would ExportAr like to achieve this year at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

Our program “Argentina Healthcare” involves the most prestigious health centers, specialized clinics and medical service brokers associated with top quality standards.  Our primary goal is to turn Argentina into the leading medical hub of Latin America.  By being a sponsor at the congress, it offers us the opportunity to network and share our efforts within the industry.

Please share with us some exciting news happening at ExportAr

Our website offers the data, information and current news of interest to those who are already doing business with foreign parties and those who wish to take the first steps in the export business.

Apart from receiving institutional information, you can learn about our programs and services, and take a look at the business intelligence data, documents and research. Our revamped website offers a unique channel between exporters and the foundation.

Follow us on Twitter: @FExportar

Nueterra Global Alliance
Gold Sponsor
Co-Sponsor of the Ministerial Summit
Booth 348 & 350

Tell us about your organization? Any exciting news?

We are Nueterra Global Alliance (NGA), a global extension for Nueterra-the nation’s largest private-sector organization specializing in joint-equity partnerships with health systems, governments, hospitals and physicians. From every corner of the globe-in and outside the United States-Nueterra Global Alliance is delivering improved access to the best-in-class healthcare and treatment options, effectively revolutionizing patient mobility and the medical exchange industry.

Nueterra Global Alliance (NGA) is pleased to announce the continued expansion of our global high value network of providers, and welcomes Marina Del Rey Hospital to its international collaborative of healthcare partners, providing unique opportunities for inbound and outbound medical exchange patients. Marina Del Rey Hospital is located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and provides highly-focused patient care in the areas of spine, weight loss, orthopedics and minimally invasive surgery. It is the first Southern California-based hospital to join NGA. The full article can be found on the Nueterra News & Blog.

Who do you want to meet at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

We recognize there are key global changes demanding quality medical care, regardless of location. We also recognize that improved international healthcare also demands shared knowledge and education. In response, NGA partners with prominent health systems and universities to offer a wide range of free and paid academic and clinical opportunities. We are looking to meet hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, self-insured employer groups, TPAs, governments, payors, brokers, facilitators, organizations, and others, to engage in such opportunities.

What do you want to accomplish at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

Our main goal is for WMTC attendees to understand our unique value proposition and approach in connecting providers to consumers. NGA will provide WMTC attendees the opportunity to personally engage with our Exclusive Network of Providers at our Exhibitor’s Business Lounge and during the Ministerial Summit.

Where do you see your organization in the next three years?

NGA wants to be the most recognized medical exchange high value network in the industry, expanding our services into China, India, Canada and Middle East as well as domestic-USA.

What challenges do you face with regards to your goals?

The main challenge NGA faces today is breaking the traditional medical tourism mold to include more than just patient movement across borders.

What markets are you interested in penetrating?

NGA is currently penetrating the following markets: USA, Central and South America, Caribbean, Canada and Middle East.

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Charlie Rodriguez
Marketing & Engagement Coordinator
Medical Tourism Association
[email protected]
(561) 792-6676 ext 812

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