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Get out of your office and out of your comfort zone…

The Medical Tourism Association® and Medical Tourism Magazine® are proud to bring you the new format of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress focused on innovation and disruption in the Medical Tourism industry. HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION. After 10 years we are going big - big ideas, big disruption big buyers. With a goal to bring in more buyers of medical tourism then years of before and who spend over $1 billion USD annually in medical tourism. The MTA was created over 10 years ago and it’s time to stop doing things the way they have always been. It’s time for the industry to scale and grow responsibly. That requires innovative ideas and disruptive new companies. Come network and meet the best hospitals in the world plus new buyers implementing medical tourism into their self-funded and fully insured programs, new governments and new insurance companies implementing medical tourism, wellness travel and direct contracting.


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Medical Tourism Workshop | Core CMTP

The Certified Medical Tourism Professional® Workshop is a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers core competencies required of individual professionals in various roles in the Medical Tourism and Medical Travel Industry. Through an online exam, participants will have the opportunity to earn the CMTP Professional Designation after covering the 9 core modules of the workshop. Upon passing the CMTP exam and earning the CMTP Designation, participants will be awarded a 3 Year Designation and complimentary individual MTA membership. Both benefits will provide ongoing education resources and individual discounts.

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

MARKET DISRUPT: A VENTURE PITCH EVENT | Healthcare Startups Looking Connect with Investors

Global Healthcare Ventures joins forces with Global Healthcare Resources to showcase early/mid-stage companies with high-growth market potential. This annual event attracts up to 2,000 participants from all areas of medical industry including top executives.

During the Early/Mid-Stage Venture Pitch Event, presenting Startup Healthcare companies will have the opportunity to compete for a valuable prize package, exposure and first-hand insight from our experienced panelist of judges. LEARN MORE.

Dr. Max W. Hooper Managing Director - Merging Traffic
Jessica Zeaske Director of Healthcare Investment - GE Ventures, Healthcare
Jonathan Edelheit, JD Chairman & Co-Founder - Global Healthcare Resources
Renée-Marie Stephano, JD
Renée-Marie Stephano, JD Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Global Healthcare Resources
Mark Long Director, University of Florida Incubation Services - UF INNOVATE | Sid Martin Biotech and The Hub

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

MARKET DISRUPT: A VENTURE PITCH EVENT | Startups Looking to Reach Employers

Global Healthcare Ventures joins forces with Global Healthcare Resources to showcase early/mid-stage companies with high-growth market potential. This annual event attracts up to 2,000 participants from all areas of medical industry including top executives.
During the Early/Mid-Stage Venture Pitch Event, presenting Startup Healthcare companies will have the opportunity to compete for a valuable prize package, exposure and first-hand insight from our experienced panelist of judges. LEARN MORE.

Thomas Sondergeld Vice President HRIS, Global Benefits & Mobility - Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA)
Samanntha DuBridge VP, Global Benefits and Employee Mobility - Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Bernie Knobbe VP, Global Benefits - AECOM
Sally Luck HR Director, Corporate Services & Wellness - Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Jesse Gavin Wellness Team Lead, Human Resources & Benefits – Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This event welcomes top Government Officials from across the globe, covering topics such as attracting foreign investments, positioning for economic growth, optimization of the healthcare infrastructure, destination attractiveness, addressing the immediate health concerns, success stories, and challenges different countries face.

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Global Healthcare Accreditation Board Meeting


10:00 am - 10:50 am

Medical Travel Excellence Summit

How does the medical travel industry move towards excellence? Why is it important not to maintain the status quo but to constantly improve, change, adapt and move towards excellence. How can moving toward excellence result in better business outcomes and a return on investment in your medical travel program. How does creating a better patient experience actually align your organization around the entire medical travel process (“medical travel care continuum), and create a foundation for success.
Attendees will learn how to:
⦁ Increase patient volume by integrating the entire medical travel process into a “medical travel care continuum” that results in better outcomes, satisfaction and patient experience and more
⦁ Understand why some healthcare systems have challenges growing their international patient volume while others are
⦁ Understand what patients are looking for and what is involved in excellence
⦁ Understand the changing needs and demands of both patients and healthcare buyers
⦁ How to create an online brand that exemplifies what the organization is in real life:

10:00 am - 10:50 am

THE BUSINESS OF GENOMICS SUMMIT | Precision Medicine: Next Generation Healthcare – A Power Player Fireside Chat

The field of genomics and precision medicine is set to alter the foundation of how we administer healthcare. By examining an individual’s genome, we create customized medical plans tailor made for them. This is a solution for real engagement, beyond health and wellness by creating informed healthcare consumers with detailed information about their unique health.
Advances in genomic testing have lowered the cost of testing making it affordable for everyone. This has led to an awakening of the potential of genetic information. Using an individual’s DNA a determination of proper and most effective medications ideal dosage and what conditions – if any – you are predisposed. These advances will make modern diagnosing look like a guessing game.
Yet, many genomic companies are having difficulty procuring enough samples to create a diverse dataset.
In an effort to help advance this exciting field and bridge the gap between genomic companies and providers and employers we are excited to bring you the Precision Medicine & Predictive Health Summit.  Employers can improve their predictive power by providing genetic tests for their employee population. The results will improve the healthcare employees receive while reducing the company healthcare costs overall.
This Summit will give the attendees the opportunity to meet and network with VIPs from these companies to begin their collaboration right away!

  • An overview of the genomics industry
  • How genomics will affect the healthcare delivery system.
  • How including a genomic testing benefit can lower healthcare costs, improve employee health and wellness
  • Learn the best way to approach and pitch genomic testing to large employers

11:00 am - 11:50 am

Business Case for China & Medical Travel – Roundtable Forum

Over 500,000 Chinese Medical Tourists are going abroad this year. Meet and network leaders from China’s Government and Private sector who are looking to partner with healthcare providers from around the world for patient referral, joint ventures, investment opportunities and affiliations, training and capacity building. Learn more about the opportunities in China and about the MTA’s trade mission into China and Hainan this coming December and how you can participate.

11:00 am - 12:50 am

Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium

Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) invites you to participate in the Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium to be held on October 29th at the Orange County Convention Center during the HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION conference, an integrated conference of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, and the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.
Medical travel is a growing industry yet one that is currently underserved. There is little data regarding healthcare outcomes and patient experience, and oftentimes a lack of understanding by healthcare providers respecting the unique needs and expectations of medical travelers.
The Global Healthcare Accreditation Symposium will bring together key industry thought-leaders to discuss how accreditation can enhance patient experience, mitigate risk and improve an organization’s operational performance.
Topics will include
⦁Medical Travel: From the “Wild West” Unaccountable to Maturity
⦁Accreditation as a Differentiator in Medical Travel
⦁How to Develop your Medical Travel Care Continuum™
⦁Designing the Patient Experience for Medical Travelers
⦁Strategies for Risk Mitigation in Medical Travel
⦁Driving Patient Engagement across the Medical Travel Care Continuum™
⦁Knowledge vs. Anecdotes: Featuring Case studies from GHA Accredited Providers
Who should attend?
⦁Hospital CEO’s, CMO’s COO’s, CFO’s, and Department Heads
⦁Key staff responsible for the medical travel or global patient services program
⦁Government representatives, Insurers, employers, medical travel facilitators and others interested in understanding how accreditation can impact patient experience and healthcare outcomes.


12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Market Penetration Strategies in Russia & CIS – Roundtable Forum

Russia and the CIS region represent a consistent market for outbound medical tourism for many destinations. Attend and network with some of the leading medical tourism facilitators and associations from the region to identify new business opportunities and to get an update on trends and the future of this marketplace

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Pharmacogenomics (PGx): The New Kid on the Block in Reducing Costs in High Risk Populations

Join Industry Precision Medicine Disruptors and learn how pharmacogenomics is the right path to take for better health and lower cost on multiple platforms. Get ahead of the curve by leveraging diagnostic technology and innovation beyond treatment – toward precision health. Learn strategies to get the treatment for your employers.

  • Why genomics is becoming the top line item to consider when looking at cost savings and overall preventive health strategy
  • Why pharmacogenomics is a need to know not a nice to know concept (medications vs. ancestry)
  • The impact a genetic testing program has on employers and their employees not only for their health but their families, attendance and morale
Jake Velie CEO - Rx-Precision

12:00 am - 12:50 am

Emergency Medical Preparedness Globally

Today there is increased scrutiny on emergency management. In order to minimize it’s negative impact, oversight agencies globally have increased their resilience efforts. Top experts will share case studies covering disaster impact solutions, proven strategies and challenges for before, during and post-disaster.
Top experts, will share case studies on developing disaster management plans; partake in exclusive panel discussions where you get the chance to brainstorm with experience disaster management experts and get your concerns answered regarding best practices in four phases:
Topics discussed:

  • Mitigation
  • Preparation
  • Response
  • Recovery
Dr. Peter Lee Global Medical Director - General Electric
Dr. Fikry (Fik) W. Isaac CEO - WellWorld Consulting; formerly Head of Global Health Services, and Chief Medical Officer, Health & Wellness Solutions - Johnson & Johnson
John Madigan Operations Leader, Employee Health Services - General Electric
Gregory Cain Manager, Global Health & Safety - GeoBlue

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Raising Capital to Drive Blockchain and Smart Contracts for Healthcare

With over [$12.5] billion raised by Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) since their inception, and with Regulation A+ as an on-ramp, the traditional venture capital raising methods seem to be continually in flux. Please join us for a compelling conversation as we explore the various alternative capital raising strategies that can be utilized by companies in the ever-evolving healthcare blockchain and smart contracts space.  Learn how this is going to be the future and disrupt the healthcare space.

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Building a Successful Medical Tourism Brand

Developing a powerful and unique medical tourism brand is critical to making your mark in the industry, achieving your goals, and setting your organization apart from the rest of the pack. The Internet and digital platforms help us leverage our brands by putting the power into our hands, yet it is still too easy to hide behind a screen. It’s is only one piece of the puzzle. Face-to-face, presence and communication is even more important. Combining all of it together is key to having a strong and successful brand that helps you stand out in ways that separates you from competitors vying for the same business.
Attendees will learn how to:
⦁ Build a brand that is emotionally and strategically appealing;
⦁ How to create an online brand that exemplifies what the organization is in real life:
⦁ Marketing your organization beyond the digital platform; and
⦁ Understanding when it’s time for digital online marketing and when it’s time to get out there in person

2:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Public-Private Partnership Summit

This event welcomes top Government Officials from across the globe, covering topics such as attracting foreign investments, positioning for economic growth, optimization of the healthcare infrastructure, destination attractiveness, addressing the immediate health concerns, success stories, and challenges different countries face.
Benefits for Attendees
Network with key leaders and decision makers from provider and buyer countries. The massive shift of the global healthcare marketplace has led us to this significant point in time where population health management has been pushed to the forefront. This event is the ideal arena where strategies will be presented to achieve long-term, sustainable results for expansion and growth of the healthcare infrastructure – at the same time addressing the immediate health concerns different countries face.
Topics of Discussion
⦁ Thought leadership from every continent on Medical & Wellness Tourism Strategies & Case Studies.
⦁ Attracting Foreign Direct Investment and Public/Private Partnerships.
⦁ The Medical Tourism Index as a model for measuring Destination Competitiveness.
⦁ Population Health Management Strategies that work.
⦁ Insurance Portability, Medical Visas and Patient Mobility.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

The Global Health Insurance Dilemma

How are health insurance companies improving the quality of care for its members while balancing affordability in healthcare delivery? Learn how some of the leading health insurance companies are dealing with this issue and identifying and defining quality. Also, learn how an estimated that by 2020 70% of global health insurance companies will have some type of medical travel offering embedded in at least one of their product offerings and why they are investing in this area.

3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Big Three Talk Innovations in Self Funding & Employer Plans

Join three of the industry’s top innovations leaders as they discuss the healthcare landscape, emerging trends and promising solutions benefit strategies and health plans. This fireside chat will discuss how various employers are launching clinically-impactful programs that focus on improving the health of their employees and their families.  We’ve brought some of the smartest minds with a twist of humor and most importantly innovation to move the needle of change for self-funded employers! 

Jonathan Edelheit, JD Chairman & Co-Founder - Global Healthcare Resources
Dr. Ron Leopold Chief Medical Officer - Lockton Benefits Group
Steve Blumenfield Senior Consultant & Director of Strategic Opportunities and Alliances for Health & Benefits – Willis Towers Watson
Tracy Watts Senior Partner, National Leader for U.S. Health Care Reform - Mercer

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Pitching Your Healthcare Start-up: Best Way to Get a VC to Say No

In this session, Jessica A. Zeaske of GE Ventures will walk through different methods of pitching to a venture capital firm.  After reviewing thousands of companies over her career, she will share some of her favorite moments and provide suggestions on how to improve your company’s pitch.  Even if not pitching to VCs, the core topics on sharing the value of the company are relevant.
The session will cover how to:

  • Get the meeting you want
  • Set up the pitch document for maximum impact
  • Avoid certain Words/Topics
  • Have an impactful VC pitch
Jessica Zeaske Director of Healthcare Investment - GE Ventures, Healthcare

4:00 pm - 4:50 pm

Self-Funding Healthcare, Direct Contracting & Medical Travel

Employers, Health Plans, TPA’s and even some insurers are direct contracting with hospitals and healthcare providers and creating narrow networks and steering their plan members and employees to specific hospitals.  This session will examine why employers and other healthcare buyers are tired of variability in pricing, outcomes, and experiences and have realized that not all healthcare providers are created equal.  Employers and buyers are now eliminating the risk and contracting directly with hospitals and providers that provide high quality, low complication procedures at pre-negotiated (bundled pricing) and ensuring their employees get the best care, but more importantly the right diagnosis, and right care at the right price.

Tim Isenhower
Tim Isenhower Director of Benefits - HSM Solutions
Sammy Refua CEO - Privé Care
Dr. Paul Wang Vice President - International Business Development for Hawaii Mainland Administrators (HMA) / Provider Networks International
Ivan Blanco Senior Director - Global Patient Services and Business Development for Latin America at Cleveland Clinic

10:00 am - 10:50 am

Medical Tourism Chutes & Ladders – Successes from Pitfalls

There have been a lot of launches in medical tourism, but not all have made it to the moon but crashed back to earth. As new destinations, new hospitals enter the market, and as new buyers, such as employers, insurance companies, TPA’s, brokers, and facilitators who launch a medical tourism business or add it as a benefit enter this market, what’ really works and what doesn’t in Medical Tourism. This session will examine some of the successes and failures in medical tourism and where some
organizations went right, and some went wrong. As we analyze how does the industry and new entrants leapfrog ahead and not waste precious time or money? Want to save millions – attend, want to lose millions – then skip this session!

10:00 am - 10:50 am

Medical Tourism Facts & Fiction

The medical tourism industry has a lot of statistics and information threw around. For $1,000 – $3,000 you can by a multitude of reports that will tell you what you want to hear or don’t want to hear, all with different statistics and medical tourism facts and numbers made up out of thing air.  Find out what’s going on in medical tourism and how we really need to come to a consensus on how to count and measure success.

10:00 am - 11:50 am

Destination Development – The Next Generation of Medical Tourism

Developing a Destination, whether it’s a country, city, state, or organization as a “destination,” isn’t as quick as snapping your fingers, putting up a sign at the airport, outside the front door or a new link and banner on your a website saying you are open for medical tourism business. Creating a successful medical tourism destination requires a lot of sweat, hard work and passion. Learn the strategies, big successes, failures, and pivot’s that some destinations have done in medical tourism. Get an update on where they are today and how they got here. Learn what they are focusing on now for future to keep them competitive and on top in the future.

11:00 am - 11:50 am

The Medical Travel Technology Debate – The Future of Lead Generation

We all know that Excel, Outlook and Word are completely insufficient to manage a patient experience so why are we taking so long to implement good technology solutions into our workflow? It seems we just keep reproducing the same sloppy service time and time again and have little data to show for it. This session explores what are the key components to lead generation, quotes, conversion, management, multidisciplinary care, after care, and care continuum that should be embedded into every tech solution and what bells and whistles will the patients expect in the future. It will also discuss many of the lead generation and facilitation failures and how we can learn from them.

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

B2B & B2G Marketing and Business Development

How do you identify Buyers, and build and win relationships and business?  This session will examine the growing complexity of buyers in medical tourism, how to identify and qualify them and obstacles, challenges and methods of a win over their business.   When is the right time for digital marketing for B2B and B2G business and when is the right time to meet in person and look them in the eye?  How do you craft your messaging and proposals for different types of buyers and what are buyers looking for?   Learn how Government business has its own unique twists.

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

Facilitator Round-Up: Keeping it Alive and Real

In honor of Socrates, let some leading medical tourism facilitation companies share their philosophy of where the medical tourism is headed in the future, and what need it’s to change for us to move to another level in the industry. This session will “keep it real” with open and honest feedback and discussion between the panelists and Q&A with the attendees.

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

B2C Marketing and Consumer Awareness Tuesday Track 1

Learn how you should sell to medical travel consumers and use stories, emotions and create a connection and trust. Then learn how to engage, nurture and turn those leads into clients. When it comes to consumer marketing how do you approach medical tourists and why is marketing to healthcare consumers traveling for care totally different than traditional tourism marketing? Learn how do you properly implement and customize your SEO Strategy, paid advertising, organic advertising, and website UI and UX to maximize patient volume and conversion.

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Emerging Healthcare Leadership in the Gulf – Roundtable Forum

The GCC market spends billions on outbound medical tourism and also is investing billions in building out its own healthcare infrastructure and quality to retain outbound patient flow and to build inbound patient flow. Learn and network with leaders from the GCC and the Middle East on what’s happening in this region and some of the emerging opportunities coming out now and in 2019.

Featured Spekaers

Dr. Ziad Abdulhak
Dr. Nizar Zein
Laurent Pochat Cottilloux
Global Head of Health Reinsurance Partnerships, AXA Read more.
Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso Rathe MD, MBA
President and Founder - Dominican Association of Health Tourism Read more.
Dr. Delroy Jefferson
Medical Director - Cayman Island Health Services Authority Read more.
Suratjon Normurodov
Regional Manager - Avicenna Medical Travel, LLC Read more.
Hany Onsy Demian
Medical Tourism Manager- Boodai Medical Company - Kuwait Read more.
Dr. Omotunde Senbanjo
CEO - Tunadel Medical Tours Limited Read more.

Why Attend This year?

Who Attends






Self-Funded Employers


Insurance companies




Health Authorities and Attaches


Ministries of Health, Tourism and Economic Development


Technology companies