Medical Tourism Research Summit

Medical Tourism is ever expanding. No matter how the economy changes, people are traveling for better, cheaper services. A downside of medical tourism is the little academic attention it has received. The Medical Tourism Research summit has been created in order to share information. Scholars from different walks of life will gather to share their research on medical tourism. They will explain how to overcome challenges, identify areas that need to be further explored and establish partnerships for the promising medical tourism future. The speakers are all University scholars with an interest in medical tourism and vast research.

The topics to be covered are as follows:

Lydia Gan: The Participation Patterns of Medical Tourists (speaker bio here)

Valorie Crooks: More than just accompaniment: Understanding the complex roles that friends and family members play in supporting medical tourists while abroad (speaker bio here)

Simmon Hudson: Health and Wellness Tourism: What do Consumers Want? (speaker bio here)
This summit will take place on Monday, November 4, 2013 and is one of the many tracks offered at this year’s World Medical Tourism and Healthcare Benefits Congress. The congress will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada November 3-6, 2013.

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