Medical Tourism Congress Announces DEİK as Platinum Exhibitor & Sponsor


The foremost purpose of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) is to pave the way for the development of Turkey’s economic, commercial, industrial and financial relations with foreign countries as well as international business communities. DEİK believes that increasing industrial cooperation, widening the foreign trade network and opening the Turkish service sector up to the global economy are essential in achieving this target.

DEİK has also undertaken the mission of the effective integration of Turkey’s economy into the global economy. Acting on this mission, DEİK makes every effort to find new fields of cooperation in foreign markets. At the same time, DEİK strives for the better utilization of existing business opportunities in various sectors. It also makes an active effort to promote Turkey and its economy abroad in order to accelerate the development of business relations and foreign direct investment across Turkey. Informing Turkish businessmen on the existing business opportunities abroad also constitutes one of DEİK’s major tasks.

In this respect, DEİK is committed to maintaining a close cooperation with its “counterpart institutions”. DEİK aims to provide a platform where the business community can meet to discuss bilateral and multilateral issues that can contribute to the enhancement of mutual understanding and business relations. DEİK acts as an intermediary between the public and private sectors due to its close working relations with all governmental bodies and private sector institutions in Turkey, as well as relevant public authorities and private sector organizations in foreign countries.


Join DEİK and the Medical Tourism Association™ at this year’s Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Chicago, IL on Oct 25-28th. If you have any comments, questions and/or concerns about attending the Medical Tourism Congress this year, please contact Daniel Benzler at:

[email protected]

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