Medical Tourism Development: Case Study on Bali

Craig Beveridge, executive chairman of Bimc Siloam Hospital Group Bali, has a goal of putting Bali on the map of global medical tourism. This month at the World Medical Tourism Congress Taiwan 2014, Mr. Beveridge will share a case study about medical tourism development in Bali. During his presentation he will draw from his personal experiences to bring this case study to life.

Starting off his entrepreneurial career as a financial service provider, he soon took his ambitions to the next level and set up a retail travel agency, which lead him to partner with a wholesale travel company called “Bali Escape Holidays.” During his time in the travel business there was an incident that made him realize the importance of providing tourists and residents with international quality medical care.  That realization was the driving factor that prompted him to push for the opening of the Bali International Medical Center in 1998, which in 2007 obtained its license as a hospital.  May 2012 marked the opening of the second hospital in Nusa Dua. This hospital was designed to provide patients with international standards of emergency care and medical consultations, and led to the growth of medical tourism in Bali with its CosMedic Centre, the Dental Centre and the first international quality Dialysis Centre on the island.

Sign up today to learn about medical tourism development in Bali at the first World Medical Tourism Congress Taiwan taking place June 26-27, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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