Medical Marijuana: The “High” Profile Plant

Desiree Mufson has always had a passion for healthcare. She graduated with honors in 1985 from Thomas Jefferson University and then attended graduate school at University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton’s School of Business.

Desiree worked her way through school as Supervisor of a hospital laboratory night shift, Pathology Department Supervisor and later to Blood Bank Supervisor all before the age of 25. Working as the Supervisor of Blood Bank at Newcomb Medical Center in Vineland, NJ, Desiree was one of the pioneers in autologous donation procedure whereas a surgical patient self donates their blood prior to the surgery in case of need for transfusion. She wrote the standards and procedure at that hospital.

She then transferred down to Florida and became Laboratory Director at Palm Beach Garden Hospital supervising the Chemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, Pathology, Blood Bank and Open Heart Services in 1990 and got them accredited by the College of American Pathologists.  Desiree is licensed by American Society of Clinical Pathologists and is an inspector for CAP, AABB, and OSHA.

She started her own clinical laboratory consulting firm: DA Laboratory Consultants, and was a consultant to laboratories that wished to become accredited or to meet compliance standards.

Desiree is still evolving and by using her knowledge and experience that she has gained in her life, she is currently creating a laboratory to test medical marijuana in the State Of Florida.  She has attended many key conferences in Colorado and throughout the country that address techniques in this emerging market as well as made valuable contacts that will assist her to become successful. She has also been instrumental in Tallahassee assisting in the creation of new regulations that define the medical marijuana business in the State of Florida. With the help of her new contacts as mentors Desiree is creating a laboratory; Coastal Cannalabs, extraction business, and biomedical business with the goal of become a successful leader in this new market. Desiree is a member of the NAIC, and is on the board for Americans for Safe Access. 

Register now and come hear Desiree discuss how laboratories can test the marijuana plants for various pesticides, concentrations and levels of CVD’s.


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