Same medical Issues, different handling practices -Russian Market

Dr. Vadim Meyl
The Russian healthcare market can be challenging to understand just like any market different from yours. The Consumer Markets in Russia/ CIS Countries discussion will be of great help. You will learn about the different consumer markets in the region and how you can take your business to the next level there. The Russian market in particular needs to send patients abroad. Russian customs are very different from other countries’ customs which can be a challenge; you want to make sure you get it right! In this discussion, you will learn how to successfully manage a marketing campaign for this particular market.

Yuri Fedulov

Featured in this panel are experts in the field Dr. Vadim Meyl and Yuri Fedulov. Dr. Meyl is the Director of Esperanto Group Company, Education and Medical Tourism Abroad, Russia since 1996 (full bio here). Mr. Fedulov is head of the branch at Ashmanov & Partners in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is a leading company in the internet marketing industry (full bio here ). Together, they serve as a powerful voice for valuable tips and approach methods. You are able to interact with a key person in Russian medical tourism as well as get that marketing edge your business needs to succeed. By applying for the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress’ VIP Hosted Buyer Program, you can attend this important session and many others.
The Congress will take place this November 4, in Las Vegas as part of the Medical Tourism Association’s annual convention.

Click here for Dr. Meyl’s interview

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