Make it or Break it: Do you really know how to incorporate Technology in your practice?

Kelly-Meloche[1]In the healthcare world, it is very important to know and understand patient’s wants and needs. This is specially the case with international patients. A bad experience with just one patient can go a long way in ruining your reputation. Today’s society depends highly on technology to get instant information on everything and anything.

Kelly Meloche knows just that from her years in the field. She is the founder of International Healthcare Providers, Canada which has been in business since 2005 and tends to 300 patients a year. IHP helps Canadian patients travel for medical services and they know that technology serves an important role in their growing business. (Kelly’s full bio found here)

The How to Incorporate Technology and Staffing into your Medical/Surgical Travel Healthcare Practice session will educate you on how to evaluate possible obstacles that may prevent patients from choosing or recommending your practice. This is a number one priority to always have in mind. You will learn how to identify services, amenities and such that potential international patients expect. You will also learn how to rate effectiveness using web-based technologies which many businesses do not know how to do and follow through with doing so successfully.  Finally, you will learn the importance of international case managers and patient preoperative care in improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Aside from all the content value of attending this session, you will earn CME credits!

This session will be held on November 3, in Las Vegas as part of the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress.

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