Luis Cabezas will give you everything you need to know about accreditation

Luis Cabezas, JD, LLM, SJD, MBA is a dedicated regional manager with extensive leadership and facilitation experience in accreditation, change management and negotiation based on the needs of the client organizations. He is committed to the achievement of successful accreditation through the use of tools that generate a sense of urgency, remove obstacles, form a powerful coalition for a change, and communicate a new vision. He demonstrates commitment to ensure that the change is seen in every aspect of your organization as part of a new patient centered culture.

Luis has a Master of Business Administration in Change Management in Health Care Organizations from Carleton University and a Masters in Negotiation and Dispute Resolutions in Organizations from the University of Toronto. He currently serves as Regional Manager for the Americas and the Caribbean for Accreditation Canada International. While working for ACI, he organized the accreditation of 42 hospitals in Brazil, coordinated the accreditation of two hospitals in Mexico that are dedicated to medical tourism and facilitated the accreditation of three hospitals in the Caribbean based in Bermudas, Turks and Caicos and St. Lucia.

Mr. Cabezas will take part in a panel discussion concerning the importance of accreditation. Before selecting a hospital, many patients look at an external quality evaluation and compare it against consensus healthcare standards. Accreditation ensures the traveling patient of standardized healthcare practices, regardless of whether a facility is located in the United States, Costa Rica, Malaysia or anywhere else in the world. The experts on this panel will discuss how accreditation integrates with quality healthcare, and what the differences are between different accreditation systems. Is one accreditation system better than another? What are the differences between accreditation systems? What does accreditation and quality really mean? All these questions will be answered in this exciting, fast paced open forum discussion.

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