Lufthansa and Sani Dental Group are Bronze Sponsors at World Medical Tourism Congress

Our sponsors sure know how to make their business customizable to patient’s needs. Medical Tourism requires extensive knowledge in the field and a good support network. Learn how these businesses are using the latest technology and equipment in the field.

Lufthansa SchriftzugLufthansa is an airline company with state-of-the art medical transport. They have a network of over 200 destinations worldwide making it ideal for medical patients going to and from the United States, India, Turkey, Middle East and Western Europe as well as other popular medical tourism destinations. Lufthansa is currently the only airline with a medical facility that can be installed on board such as PTC (Patient Transport Compartment). Compared with air ambulances, the flight time with the Lufthansa PTC is up to 50 percent shorter, making it easier for the intensive care patients and medical personnel.SANI_DENTAL_GROUP-150x150

Sani Dental Group is dental group located in Los Algodones, Mexico which borders with California.  They are a member of the American Dental Association and have worked with medical tourism patients for 28 years. As much as 99% of their patients are from around the world including the US and Canada. Their staff consists of 27 doctors with various specialties and experience ranging from 5-30 years. Sani Dental Group offers several options to facilitate the patient’s experience such as transportation, accommodation arrangements and food service.

The highly anticipated World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace.

If you are interested in taking the next step in the industry by promoting your organization at the congress, let us know! Write to [email protected]

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