Lufthansa -Bronze Sponsor of the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress

It is our pleasure to announce Lufthansa as a bronze sponsor of our upcoming 7th World Medical Tourism Congress (Washington D.C. Sep 20-24, 2014).  Participants will not only have the opportunity to network with Lufthansa’s representatives at their booth but they will also be able to attend a dedicated session to learn about Lufthansa’s Global Healthcare Programme from their head of medical.

Focus on: patient´s health

Lufthansa offers a variety of services to international patients suffering from injuries or other health-related problems. In cooperation with healthcare providers the company offers a broad portfolio of global, high-quality services.

Flight booking made easy

Once you have booked a medical procedure or wellness treatment with one of their contracted healthcare providers, facilitators or wellness facilities, they will provide you with a code that gives you access to their dedicated Lufthansa online flight booking platform with reduced fares and conditions for traveling patients and their companions.

Additional services Lufthansa Medical Services provides include: patient transport compartment (PTC) for intensive care transports, stretcher transport, and access to their medical operation center.

To learn more about Lufthansa Medical Services CLICK HERE.

We invite you to network with Lufthansa’s team at our congress, 7th World Medical Tourism Congress (Washington, D.C. Sep 20-24) 




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