Las Vegas Medical Tourism’s finest at the WMT Congress

Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the US. With their “anything goes” attitude, there is nothing this city cannot accommodate. It is with this same attitude that Las Vegas is becoming a promising destination for medical tourism. The Medical Tourism Association has been closely working with key players in Las Vegas, one of them being Vegas HEALS. They are a non-profit 600-plus volunteer organization of healthcare professionals, consumers, committed citizens, local government representatives, educators and chamber of commerce representatives committed to improving access and delivery of medical care in Southern Nevada. Doug Geinzer is the CEO of Vegas HEALS and a voice in the Southern Nevada community, working on improving their health care infrastructure.

The 6th World Medical Tourism Congress is pleased to announce the sponsorship of some of Las Vegas’ most important medical tourism initiative stakeholders:

medicaltourismvegasMedical Tourism Vegas brings together medical care with the lights, sights, and nights of Las Vegas. Vegas has world-class doctors with state of the art equipment while enjoying the vibrant city. Medical Tourism Vegas is a physician led company that carefully selects the best doctors as well as assist in hotel coordination and such. More on Medical Toursim Vegas

BRONZE_DESER-SPRINGS-HOSPITALDesert Springs Hospital Medical Center is an acute care facility located in southeast Las Vegas. The hospital provides 24-hour emergency services, and has a designated area in the emergency department to treat patients with less serious injuries and illnesses. They are nationally recognized for its diabetes, cardiac, stroke and bariatric surgery programs. Click here for more info

BRONZE_OSRS-1Outpatient Surgical Recovery Suites of Coronado 
was designed and built with a focus on the most modern technology and highest standards in patient care, comfort and safety. Their innovative procedures meet stringent state requirements for outpatient surgery centers, and the results speak for themselves. The Coronado Surgery Center is AAAHC Accredited.

BRONZE__Flying-ICU-1Life Guard International, also known as Flying ICU, is a licensed and accredited Air Medical Transportation Service that performs emergency and non-emergency air medical transports worldwide. From providing minimal medical assistance while the patient is traveling privately or commercially; to providing care for the critically ill or injured patient who requires specialized medical personnel, equipment and therapies; Life Guard International can safely and effectively meet all medical transportation needs.

8450529R.inddThe Neuropathy & Pain Centers of America is an umbrella company dedicated to the advancement of neuropathy care through techniques which reverse symptoms of neuropathy by healing the nerve tissue. NPCA will develop scientific data related to the effectiveness of CET combination neuropathy treatment. It will further raise awareness of the efficacy of the CET treatment with the regulatory community about the efficacy of this treatment by supporting scientific research to protect the reimbursement and make this become a standard of care for the treatment of peripheral and other forms neuropathy.

RMA1Resort Medical Alliance is a medical tourism organization that provides the highest level of medical services with a focus on patient experience. The group consists of extensively trained, board-certified medical professionals representing the full spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. Patients and their families are treated with integrity, professionalism and utmost attention to detail. More about Resort Medical Alliance

EXHIBITOR_COMPREHENSIVE-CARE-CENTER-4C-LOGOComprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) is the award-winning oncology group comprising medical, pediatric and radiation oncologists, breast surgeons, 12 treatment centers and offices throughout Southern Nevada. The practice’s specialized physician and nursing staff offers sophisticated diagnostic tools, the latest advances in cancer treatment, a full range of innovative, exclusive services and research-based care in a supportive and caring environment. More about CCCN
You can find these health professionals at The Vegas Strip located in the exhibit hall at this year’s 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (Nov 3-6).

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