Jakup Çunaku will Present on His Knowledge of the Changing Buyer Markets in Europe and Russia

The World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMT & GHC) is dedicated to bringing key industry players together to discuss the future of the industry. As part of this dedication, the WMT & GHC presents Jakup Çunaku as a speaker for the upcoming conference September 27 – 30 in Orlando, Florida.

Jakup Çunaku is the founder of Shendeti.org, a medical tourism agency in Kosovo, which is now one of the largest facilitators in the Balkins. Founded in 2011, Shendeti.org represents more than 100 healthcare providers such as university hospitals clinics, rehabilitation centers, wellness centers and more. Beside Shendeti.org, Mr. Çunaku is also the CEO of Smart Tech, a company specializing in providing healthcare technology solutions.

He is a member of various professional organizations and has published a wide array of professional articles. Recently, he has be actively engaged in the establishment of the European Medical Tourism Agency in Vienna.

Mr. Çunaku has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from American Open University and an MBA for Healthcare Management from Riinvest University. Jakup is a native Albanian speaker, but also speaks English, Arabic, Croatian and can converse in German.

Mr. Çunaku will present on the 2nd European Summit on Cross Boarder Healthcare on Sunday, September 27. He will speak on a panel discussing the changing buyer markets in Europe and Russia. For more information, visit MedicalTourismCongress.com.

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