Interview with France Surgery :: Sponsor of the 7th WMTC (Washington D.C. Sep 20-24)

It is a pleasure to announce France Surgery as a sponsor of our upcoming 7th World Medical Tourism Congress in Washington D.C. (Sep 20-24). We had the opportunity to sit with Carine Hilaire part of the management team at France Surgery and this is what she told us.

Q: Why is it important for France Surgery to attend the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

A: It’s important for France Surgery to attend the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress because it’s the biggest event for medical travel in the world. French hospitals and healthcare teams have only recently begun promoting their services on an international level and we are convinced that Europe and specially France, are the best compromises for medical travelers.

By taking part at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress in Washington DC, our physicians will explain how by coming to France, one can easily save 30% on orthopedics, 40% on bariatric surgery, 50% on vascular surgery and up to 70% on Gastrointestinal enjoying comparable level of service and technology than in the US. They will also introduce the best French Centers of Excellence we have selected, taking care of the patient’s special medical needs, all oriented towards complex surgeries in a system where the doctor-patient relationship is excellent and technological innovation internationally renowned.

Q: What would France Surgery like to achieve this year at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress?

A: There is no better way to gain the favor of staff or customers than to offer them an all-expenses paid trip to a destination like France which suggests luxury, elegance and the best quality of healthcare at very competitive prices. While the proposition may seem overly generous, this is a true win-win situation: Insurers and companies can reduce costs significantly while patients receive outstanding care with comparable services offered in the United States while enjoying an exciting travel opportunity to the continent of their ancestors.

We hope to meet and speak to many health insurers and self funded companies about the possibility of collaborating with France Surgery in the future. We have many exciting projects which we’d like to discuss with like minded companies to become, over the coming years, the #1 facilitator of medical treatment, surgery and assistance in France, and Europe.

Q:Please share with us some exciting news happening at France Surgery:

A: France Surgery has achieved many accomplishments in 2014 : Our patient management system has now been approved by the European Society of Telemedicine  & eHealth. We have also recently received certification the Medical Tourism Association, and are referenced by the

We took part in a podcast « Healthcare Elsewhere » which has been extremely popular. We’ve also taken part in an interview with CBS News in San Francisco which was brought to light by the Medical Tourism Association. See entire video here :

One of our Canadian patients has been writing a blog about her experience with France Surgery, and we hope to share this with our network as soon as possible. Our team has also participated in multiple  international exhibitions around the world.

We encourage all participants to network with France Surgery at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress where they will have their booth




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