Industry Forums Provide Ideal Platform for Collaboration in Washington, DC

With up to 3,000 attendees from over 100 countries all coming together for the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress in Washington DC, it can be difficult for attendees with similar backgrounds to find each other to sit down together and share experiences.  Due to the success of the 2013 Industry Forums in Las Vegas, even more industry forums will take place this year in Washington, DC.  The main goal of all of the forums is to give participants the opportunity to openly share and discuss solutions, so that as an industry we can all grow and move forward into a bright future.  In order to avoid scheduling conflicts with the many other exiting things happening at the conference, the forums will be held at dedicated times before the kick-off of the Congress on Sunday, September 21st.

Attendees will be able to participate in a forum dedicated to their specific region as well as to their specific role in the industry.

Regional Forums

Each region has its own specific characteristics and the countries within the region often face similar challenges.  By sitting down together in these moderated forums attendees can discuss and find way to overcome these shared obstacles as well as find new opportunities for the future.  By working together, each region can strengthen themselves and raise their perception in the world.  This year’s Congress will feature forums dedicated to the following regions:

  • Latin America Forum
  • US Meets Emerging Markets Forum
  • EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare Forum
  • Asia Forum
  • Caribbean & Island Forum
  • GCC & Middle East Forum

Industry Forums

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with other professionals also working in their specific field. These invitation-only forums put competition aside in order to encourage attendees to work together towards common goals, interests and deal as a collaborative group on common obstacles and problems that slow or hinder growth of the industry.  Organizations entering this industry or existing ones, don’t need to step into the same pitfalls and make the same mistakes as others before them. This year’s forums will include:

  • Medical Tourism Facilitator Forum
  • Insurance Agent & Broker Forum
  • Hospital and Healthcare Provider Forum
  • Pediatric Hospital Forum
  • Hotel and Hospitality Forum
  • Specialty Clinic Forum

In addition to more variety in the forums, there will also more seating available in order to allow more attendees to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Seating is still limited and all attendees must apply for an invitation in order to attend.


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