The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress and the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Have Rebranded as HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® is a new conference to some. But, it’s actually not.

This conference is the culmination and evolution of two industry-leading conferences that have been changing healthcare & benefits for more than a decade.

The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress® has entered into marriage with the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Conference®.

The marriage has been consummated.

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® (The Healthcare Revolution Conference) has been born.

Disruption is the focus more than ever before.

This year, the entire event will be showcasing the most disruptive ideas and solutions that are being implemented and that will be implemented throughout all of healthcare and benefits, from medical travel to corporate wellness.

Learn more about the rebrand and what’s in store by reading this news release on the Washington Business Journal.