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Healthcare Blockchain

Healthcare Blockchain

Healthcare Blockchain technology is positioned to transform healthcare and health insurance business models. The adoption of Healthcare Blockchain can solve many of the critical areas causing problems and rising healthcare costs. The Healthcare Blockchain summit will explore healthcare and insurance technology-specific applications using cases.

The summit will also address what are the most achievable solutions with blockchain, as well as which areas in healthcare and insurance are not good choices for deployment or adoption of blockchain.

This will be the first and only event in the industry allowing healthcare blockchain startups and enterprises to meet with senior level decision-makers who can actually buy and adopt their technology and solutions. Healthcare Blockchain companies can utilize the networking software to identify potential partners, pilots and investors to schedule meetings during the event.

The one-day summit will be part of the overall Healthcare Revolution event and will cover the latest developments in the distributed ledger technologies. Topics like supply chain in healthcare, pharma, and how blockchain can provide solutions in pharma claims, medical records and transparency of treatments, cost efficiency, interoperability, privacy and security will be discussed.

Healthcare Blockchain startups will be able to apply to be in the first healthcare blockchain pitch event, – Market Disrupt ™ – in front of traditional investors, cryptocurrency investors, Self- Funded Employers and Health Insurance Companies.