Global Healthcare: The importance of creating an IT infrastructure

Ask any patient what they are searching for and the answer will be the same: the best care quality, affordable pricing and expanded care services for their out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures. These services are high in demand putting more pressure and competition amongst healthcare providers, insurers, governments, employers, and medical tourism facilitators. The global marketplace needs a technological infrastructure in order to be efficient, support a health network globally and enable consistent connectivity.
Peter Tippett understands just that. Dr. Tippett is the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of the Verizon Innovation Incubator a division of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. What exactly does this mean? Dr. Tippett in charge of creating solutions to transform the healthcare’s IT ecosystem. He creates Verizon’s health care strategy and develops ways to help transform the delivery of patient care, better manage costs, enhance access to medical services, and provide health data privacy. Verizon Enterprise Solutions creates global connections that generate growth, drive business innovation and move society forward. With a platform-based portfolio of industry-leading mobility, cloud and IT, strategic networking and advanced communications offerings, along with specialized solutions for key industries and a full range of global wholesale offerings, Verizon Enterprise Solutions combines unparalleled expertise, innovation and technology to bring together applications, people and environments.
During the discussion, Dr. Tippett will teach you how cloud computing, smart mobility, secure information solutions, and data analytics are being deployed to support this growing industry.
Global Healthcare: Enabling The Ecosystem Through Greater Connectivity, Security and Engagement is part to the highly anticipated and fast approaching World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 3-6, at Caesars Palace.
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