Make Better Choices | Invest in the World Medical Tourism Congress Sept 20-24

Low attendance and overinflated sponsorship numbers leaving you down? There are so many medical tourism conferences around the world that smart investment for better value and ROI are essential to your business development strategy.

Industry, Goals, Interaction, Reputation & Geography

Analyzing these key event components identifies the true value of any conference. Don’t be driven by false promises and costs that appear – on the surface – to be affordable, but end up instead without the ROI you expected to achieve in terms of time and total money spent. Does this sound like an investment?


1. INDUSTRY: Patients drive the global medical tourism industry. Attendees to the World Medical Tourism Congress not only gain access to the largest group of qualified buyers of healthcare in the industry, but also interact directly with patients worldwide at the first LIVE GLOBAL PATIENT WEBCAST broadcast from the Congress site.

“There is no other conference like this in the world; you have the business element, the delivery side, the insurance side and education side where all the other conferences are usually research —  this is all about providing service.” UCLA Executive MPH – Leah Vriesman (USA)

 2. GOALS: Attendees to the World Medical Tourism Congress justify their investment, a value unique among industry events.

We’ve been here five consecutive years and have been very happy with the integration of the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress. We brought close to 25 clinics and hospitals from Colombia and we are enjoying the diversity of the people from different countries. My favorite part of the Congress is the networking opportunities.” Colombian Government Trade Office -ProExport – Carolina Quijano (Colombia)

 3. INTERACTION: Attendees to the World Medical Tourism Congress thrive on interacting networking opportunities. More than 5,000 networking meetings were scheduled in 2013.

“My Congress highlight is the great networking and diversity nations. We have met with individuals from insurance companies and medical centers as well as facilitators from around the world. Anyone who wants to do something in the medical tourism industry must be here. In a few days, I met with all of the key players. Centro Medico Teknon – Pere Duran (Spain)

4. REPUTATION: The World Medical Tourism Congress brings providers and buyers together to foster collaboration and business opportunities, a reflection of the reputation of the Medical Tourism Association®.

“I have come to the Medical Tourism Congress for four years and it has been very effective. All the things in this universe are chaos in the beginning and, suddenly, there is order; for the universe, order came with gravity and for medical tourism, order came with the Medical Tourism Association.” Saludpanama – Luis Santamaria (Panama)

 5. GEOGRAPHY: Where are you able to meet people from 100 countries in one place? The geographical diversity of the World Medical Tourism Congress is unique. There is no other truly global conference in the world.

“I came to the Congress with a group of Russian-speaking buyers from Russia and CIS countries (medical travel agencies, private insurance companies and assistance companies).We had very successful and effective networking meetings with international hospitals. The group of buyers learned a lot and we are looking forward to the next Congress in Washington, D.C.”   B2B Encounters – Mert Akkok (Turkey)

When choosing what event to attend, FINDING VALUE must be your top priority. The 7th World Medical Tourism Congress is the value you can’t afford to miss!



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