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Anthony Knierim, Co-Founder & COO of Matchup

MATCHUP brings the most reliable product integrations to provide a great experience through cross device compatibility by connecting fitness trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Misfit and The Moves App. They help you team up with friends, coworkers and other players to help you stay fit together.
" The conference was so critical to our business — we couldn’t have been further from our estimates. We made some valuable partnerships that really helped continue our market validation and consummated agreements that were completely new business models that we hadn’t previously explored. "

Michael Mann, President of Medical Recovery Services

MEDICAL RECOVERY SERVICES’ proprietary compliance review methodology scrutinizes every line of every bill with a focus on provider overcharges and accurate insurance reimbursements. They help you analyze your service agreements to make sure you are protected and ensure you do not overpay. With the capability to handle a review of any medical or insurance bill you may have, they conduct in-depth medical reviews, and detect fraud and abuse activities.
" We are highly effective when we can engage open-minded decision makers in a casual setting. Sponsoring the VIP dinner was amazing. Our staff was placed at different tables with national employers, which we were able to translate into new partnerships and even friendships. What would have taken us a year or two, we accomplished in one night. "

Elizabeth Halkos, Chief Revenue Officer, Purchasing Power

PURCHASING POWER empowers hard working people with a convenient and responsible way to buy through an automated deduction from your paycheck or bank account. We make paying for purchases stress and hassle-free. Just meet the minimum qualifications through our participating employers or organizations, and enjoy the convenience of automatic payments without the penalty fees and ballooning interest associated with other payment options.
" We had more participation through one EHBC webcast than we ever had before. Obviously, we were able to present our unique value proposition from a position of thought-leadership, which enables us to access clients we otherwise wouldn’t meet. "