EU Delegation to Participate in European Summit on Medical Tourism this September in DC

EUMedical Tourism is certainly not a new phenomenon in Europe.  Nearly all 28 EU member states have declared themselves a medical tourism destination, offering a multitude of treatments. Medical Tourism in Europe has only continued to grow since the introduction of the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare. Now every citizen of the European Union has the right to medical treatment in any member state as long as they fulfil certain conditions.  Understanding the Directive can be daunting enough, but understanding the how it will affect the medical tourism industry is even more unclear.

What is needed within Europe is deliberation and collaboration between stakeholders, governments and supply services.  In order to support this effort, the Medical Tourism Association introduced an EU forum and stronger European medical tourism content into its 2013 World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Las Vegas. Driven by the success of the 2013 European Forum, the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will also be hosting the 1st Annual European Summit on Medical Tourism this September 23rd in Washington, DC.  The summit will aim to create a structure and action plan that is realistic and addresses the issues that the modern European international patient expects and demands.


The Delegation of the European Commission in Washington, DC will be sending the Senior Advisor Food Safety, Heath and Consumer Affairs, Agnieszka Jarmula, to represent the EU and update the attendees of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress regarding the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare.  She will address:

  • What are the objectives of the Directive?
  • What are the obligations for healthcare providers under the directive in relation to patients’ rights to cross-border healthcare and the introduction of new policies in relation to overseas visitors’ access to free healthcare?
  • What is the principle of reimbursement?
  • What is the role of national contact points (NCP)?


Ms. Jarmula’s main areas of focus are consumer protection, regulatory transatlantic cooperation, and unfair commercial practices.  She also monitors issues regarding food safety, SPS, nanotechnology, and public health-related policies and legislative developments in the US at national, regional and sectorial levels. She reports and advises colleagues in the Brussels headquarters of significant legislative and policy developments, and conveys the EU’s views to staff in the US government and Congress. She maintains close contact with several US government agencies, trade associations, non-governmental organizations and law firms, as well as member state embassies. CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY


Other topics that will be addressed during the European Summit on Medical Tourism are:

  • Trends in European medical tourism since the Google search explosion in 2006.
  • Opportunities and expectations in elective European medical tourism.
  • The future of European medical tourism and the importance of certification, collaboration, quality communication, patient satisfaction, word of mouth and a coordinating organization.
  • Business development opportunities for the future.


The Summit will be led by the President of MTA Europe, Selin Yildirim.  She has been in the medical field for the past fifteen years and received a number of awards for her work.  CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY

We are also thrilled to announce the participation of Dr. Erich Sieber, President of the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) and from Portugal Dr. Paulo Moreira, Editor-in-Chief, of the International Journal of Healthcare Management.  Both have worked closely with the MTA in order to support the medical tourism industry in Europe.

For those EU member states that are truly recognizing the potential and need for medical tourism within their economies, participation within the summit is essential.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY

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