Engaging Millennials Will Take More than Instagram

At the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, in the largest hall at the conference,  Jae Kullar, Manager, Health & Wellbeing – Delta Air Lines; Medha Rishi, GPHR, Head of Global Benefits, Global Mobility and International HR Operations – Square; Sally Luck, HR Director, Corporate Services and Wellness – Hallmark Cards, Inc.; and Denise Holland, President & Owner of Inside Employee Wellness & Consulting, who served as moderator, sat down to discuss how to engage millennials in the workplace.

Millennials are the future of the workforce and will make up a majority it as soon as 2020. Understanding their wants and needs will be essential to employers’ success in the future.

To start the open discussion, Denise asked the panel what they were doing specifically to target this age group.  Medha, who represents a company with a younger workforce, started off by mentioning the difference in wellness programs for companies with older and younger employees.

“Because we have a millennial workforce, we don’t have a lot of disease mgmt, but we do have a lot of pregnancies.”

She further outlined the services she offers to reach her young workforce. They provide acupuncture, massage,  chiropractic services and mental health services in their wellness center.  They focus on these services to help employees feel energized at work.

Jae continued the conversation. Her workforce at Delta has an average age of 49, so they don’t offer different options, just change the way they approach the different generations. They gather this research through their business resource group called Gengage. They determined millennials are the most socially engaged group.

Finally, Sally has her own millennial research group, Merge, which determined millennials want three things:

  • Finances – Millennials are struggling with finances, due to lots of college debt. Many have had to move in with their families.
  • Culture – Millennials sense Hallmark has a wellness culture. They have onsite clinics, health coaching, and other simple services that save them money and time
  • Environment – They offer meditation and massage services. It is about providing services onsite, so they don’t have to take our of their personal time. They have lactation rooms, a new onsite fitness center at a cost subsidized by company

The conversation then shifted to the challenges they face in millennial engagement. The most common issue was competing with their time.

“Any product needs to be very efficient. I spent a lot of time over the last year managing digital programs. We need to make it easier and more efficient and that takes doing your research before pulling the trigger,” said Jae.

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