Dr. Yaser Sabsabi Will Guide you Through Buyers in the Middle East

Dr. Yaser Sabsabi is VP of Medical Claims Preauthorization at Oman Insurance Co. He has 15 years of experience in Health Insurance Network and Claims 

Management. He develops and executes a strategic, long-term vision for better health care while leading the firm to achieve measurable business results and growth.

In addition to his position as Vice President in Oman Insurance Co. he served in a panel of health authorities to develop health regulations and policies to implement Pharmacy Benefit Management PBM / e-Prescription protocols. While the GCC is his main area of focus Dr. Sabsabi worked with partners like Bupa International, Munech-Re, Assist America and Paramount to manage relationships and client’s claims.

He received Medical license M.B.B.ch, and Degree in Industrial Medicine, and CII Diploma in Insurance, and MBA from Australian Cheifly Business School.

Dr. Sabsabi will present at the Buyer Panel of the Middle East at the 8th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, September 27 – 30, in Orlando , FL.

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