Dr. Paata Ratiani Educates How to Understand the Russian Speaking Patient

Dr. Paata (Peter) Ratiani, Founder of MedNet Georgia & MetNet Berlin

A pioneer in medical tourism in Georgia founding the first medical tourism company, Dr. Ratiani works in Berlin providing consultation regarding the Russian consumer markets. He has been successful in the last seven years developing medical tourism in these markets and is one of the most advanced medical tourism player in Eastern Europe and former USSR.

His company, MedNet Georgia, sends about 20-50 patients per year from Georgia. He also works in Berlin, Germany (Mednet Berlin) where he attracts many more patients from all over the former USSR region, using his web marketing tool, medical portal: www.berlinhospitals.ru. By this portal they interact with tens of patients daily.

Dr. Ratiani will be leading the topic “Understanding the Russian Speaking Patient” at the 5th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. In this session, he will walk attendees though:
•     Defining the Russian speaking market
•     Russian patient characteristics
•     Russian Market SWAT analysis
•     How to make a successful marketing campaign
•     Figuring out the most efficient procedure
•     Learning the importance of Russian language and mentality


For more information about the event and to view the complete conference agenda, please visit http://www.medicaltourismcongress.com


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