Dr. Jules Duval is an Expert in Population Health Management

Dr. Jules DuvalDr. Jules Duval is the Senior Medical Officer, Health Services Department, Clinic Manager at the World Bank Group and has work in population health for 20 years. Dr. Duval received his medical training while serving in the United States Air Force where he provided medical care for active duty troops and was an advisor on medical evaluation boards serving to determine the ability of troops to fulfill the requirements of their job.

After leaving the Air Force, Dr. Duval became the Medical Director of Occupational Health Services for the Smithsonian Institution. In this position, he led a team to provide occupational medical services to Smithsonian Employees across the world. During his tenure, he and his team created a clinically based workplace wellness program with nearly 3,000 enrollees that brought about a decrease in sick leave costs of $12.7 million while saving the equivalent of 152 FTEs in lost work hours within 5 years of implementation. The Institution received the Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) from American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) in honor of this achievement.

In July of 2014, Dr. Duval joined The World Bank Group to oversee the joint World Bank Group/International Monetary Fund Health Services Department clinic. His goal was to enhance health productivity management. Dr. Duval is responsible for bringing about an evolution of clinic operations aimed at proactively improving health outcomes for staff rather than simply responding to and treating health problems coming through the door.

At the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress will speak at the 4th Medical Director’s Summit on Sunday, September 27th.

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