Dr. Hilario Mata will Lend His Knowledge of Cancer to the 2nd Bupa Global Providers Summit

Dr. Mata-Headshot- webDr. Hilario Mata, Director of Global Academic Programs for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center will present at the second Bupa Global Providers Summit. Dr. Mata has traveled two paths in his 25 year career, working in both scientific research and international business development. He applies his experience in both arenas in his current role with the M.D. Anderson Center. In this role, Dr. Mata creates and manages a global network of excellent basic, translational, clinical and population-based research, prevention and education collaborations to advance M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s strategic vision for worldwide cancer center alliances with geographic regional balance.

Prior to working for the M.D. Anderson Center, Dr. Mata worked in strategic marketing and business development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for both national and international companies. The projects he led in these industries provided him with keen insight into their role on the global economy.

In his role as a researcher, Dr. Mata’s was focused on cellular immunology, chiefly in areas such as immunobiology and immunochemistry of lymphokines aimed at the development of new-therapies for cancer. He has expanded his research to include mechanisms of autoimmune disease e.g., molecular mimicry and dysfunctional antigen presentation, as well as other novel immunological phenomena, such as antibody catalysis and the penetration of cells by antibodies. More recently, his research activity has been in the field of molecular epidemiology and the contribution of potential genetic and environmental factors associated with high and low risk for cancer to determine distribution patterns within families and across populations to recognize host susceptibility that predispose to cancer.

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