Dr. Alero Ann Roberts is an Expert on the Healthcare Industry in Africa

In a continuing effort to bring you the latest information in the medical tourism industry, the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress presents Dr. Alero Ann Roberts, Chaperone Doctor at OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions in Nigeria. She will present on the topic “Outbound Medical Tourism from Africa” with Morgan Darwin, CEO of A&K Global Health.

Dr. Roberts has 30 years’ experience working as a medical practitioner, teacher and researcher. She developed a keen sense of the issue affecting healthcare delivery from a ‘grassroots’ perspective. She noted the decline in the capacity to deliver quality care over the past two decades us due to degradation of infrastructure that has resulted in the loss of skills in many healthcare practitioners. This underscores the necessity for committed skills development of healthcare professionals through exposure to cutting edge technology in developed centers. This has instigated in Dr. Roberts a desire to improve the patient experience by ensuring access to expert care wherever it is available. It is hoped that her perspective can assist to develop the next generation of healthcare professionals with the skills to deliver global standard quality of care to improve the lives and survival chances of the Nigerian people.

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