Don Denton to Present on Proton Therapy at the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

The World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress presents Don Denton as a speaker for the upcoming conference from September 27 – 30 in Orlando, Florida.

Don is the author of Calming the Storm, a book written from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective about his experience in beating cancer with proton therapy. He serves as a speaker for various functions to share his personal story, educate employers and garner legislative support.  He also educates and encourages cancer patients from all over the country relative to patient advocacy rights and defeating their disease.

Cancer proved to be a life-changing event for him in 2010-2011, and in a very positive way.  After achieving a highly successful outcome, he dedicated his efforts to helping others in their cancer battles by providing information on a little known but highly effective treatment. 

Don is self-employed, and is a part-time consulting engineer. He has served as CEO of an Italian gas combustion company and Vice President of an American consumer products company, where many lives were considered for employee benefits.

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