WMTC Platinum Sponsor: Dominican Republic Has It All

The Dominican Republic is committed to capitalize the opportunities presented at the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress (Orlando, Sep 27-30 2015) to develop business relationships with self funded employers, facilitators, governments and other purchasers of healthcare services attending the event.

The Platinum Sponsorship of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism, backed by the support of the main health centers of the Dominican Republic (CEDIMAT, Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud, Grupo Rescue, Hospital  Metropolitano de Santiago and Centers for Global Health and International Medicine), is without a doubt a turning point in Dominican medicine. 

The top national health institutions are coming together for the first time to strengthen the nation’s brand and to present the Dominican Republic as a consolidated medical tourism destination. The synergies and the decision to improve the quality, security and competitiveness of their medical services will allow the country to gain more volume of international patients in a more-than-ever competitive market.

Building credibility

Dominican Association for Health Tourism is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the Dominican Republic as an ideal place for medical tourism, given its geographical position, great hospitality and climate, and especially its high level and cost-effective medical services, supporting the best practices, quality and security of medical care.

Currently, the organization is conducting statistics regarding medical tourism at a local level, jointly with the national health observatory, and working on large scale strategic private-public alliances. Starting in October of 2015, the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and the Dominican Health Tourism Association will be conducting a joint international certification in order to form specialists in medical tourism. Additionally, we have recently executed an agreement with Accreditation Canada, in order to obtain special facilities for international accreditation, which allow and impulse the access to local health centers to such programs, with the objective of strengthening the quality and safety standards in Dominican medicine.

Dominican Republic Health & Wellness Destination Guide

During the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress, the Dominican Republic will present and distribute its Health and Wellness Destination Guide to all congress participants which will be the first official medical tourism document in the country.

The Guide will feature the best hospitals, hotels, airports, recovery and wellness centers, financial institutions and investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Health & Tourism Destination Guide represents an essential tool to educate healthcare buyers and patients around the world about the best healthcare options in DR. The Guide features the best health centers that are certified and have international departments in order to provide health tourists a high-quality experience.

What to expect?

Grupo Rescue

The MTA Congress is the best global platform to introduce the Dominican Republic as a Medical Tourism destination. Grupo Rescue has health centers located in key tourist areas such as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata and with more than 30 years of experience caring for international travelers has established long-term relationships with international insurance companies and looks to find new business opportunities in medical tourism. To learn more visit:http://www.gruporescue.com/


Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud is a multi-specialty hospital of fourth level of attention, in the heart of Santo Domingo, known for its remarkable trajectory of commitment with quality and safety in health services.  HGPS has become a center of international recognition and reference in:  Oncology, Urology, Orthopedics and Preventive medicine, among other specialties.

HGPS, led by its outstanding president Dr. Julio Amado Castaños, is focused on the quality and excellence in international patient management.  The hospital is proud to be part of the Dominican Republic Medical Tourism destination guide which is a mayor achievement to promote the country as a top medical tourism destination. To learn more visit: http://hgps.org.do/


The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (HOMS), is a Centre of Advanced Medicine, with the best professionals, cutting edge technology and all the medical surgical specialties at your service. The congress gives us the opportunity to show the international community our health services, where quality and excellence combine together under our motto “science and humanism”. To learn more visit: http://www.homshospital.com/



The expectations of CEDIMAT as a specialized institution in health and medical services to the international patients is to acknowledge that we fulfill all international requirements to provide an excellent service from an ideal geographical location in the Caribbean that motivates the recovery and well-being of our patients.

To learn more visit:http://www.cedimat.com/

Centers for Global Health and International Medicine (CGHIM)

The World Medical Tourism Congress is the leading and most important Global event for Medical Tourism. Our sponsorship represents an immense value to our Centers for Global Health and International Medicine. In 2014 we attended as a sponsor and certainly gained a significant valuable experience.

Such as our Director, Dr. Amado Alejandro Baez, predicted back in 2014, this year they are participating together to brand the Dominican Republic as a top medical tourism destination. Having a more cohesive and collaborative initiative as a country, each institution will represent their products and services.

CGHIM is looking forward to following up on many interesting networking opportunities at the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress and to developing collaborations and synergies that began last year. Additionally, the organization is very excited to explore innovative opportunities with facilitators, insurance companies, government representatives, and other key industry stakeholders.To learn more visithttp://cghim.com/

Meet the top healthcare providers from the Dominican Republic at the 8th World Medical Tourism Congress (Orlando, Sep 27-30) and schedule one on one business meetings at their booth.

Register  todayhttp://www.medicaltourismcongress.com/registration/

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