Day 2 of EHBC17 Begins!

Day 2 of #EHBC17 began with the event’s opening keynote. The conference’s guest host and master of ceremonies, Rasheda Ali, opened the session by speaking about the process of writing her book, “I’ll Hold Your Hand So You Won’t Fall: A Child’s Guide to Parkinson’s” about her experiences with her father Muhammad Ali, and how it impacted her life and transformed her into a champion for healthcare.

She then introduced Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association. Her speech touched a wide array of topics, including the future of healthcare, the worst lies we tell, and what we can do about the current stream of disasters and tragedies.

“We are in cultural revolution,” said Stephano. “It is changing our values for the better. It is connecting everything and everything – and not in the sense of increased connectivity of mobile apps – it is a shift in our core values. We have a new level of customization, from the products we buy to new medications tailored to our DNA.”

She concluded her presentation by mentioning the conference’s dedication to helping the victims of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

“GHR would like to provide information, as well as a donation from our annual event to help relief efforts after the tragedy in Las Vegas. We have worked with Las Vegas HEALS in the past support their recommendations for the most efficient use of donations.”

Stephano then introduced the next keynote titled “Culture Secrets from Silicon Valley Innovation Giants” featuring:

  • Moderator – Lorna Borenstein, CEO & Founder – Grokker, Inc
  • Panelist – Cat Lee, Head of Culture – Pinterest
  • Panelist – Becky Cantieri, SVP, Human Resources – SurveyMonkey
  • Panelist – Pat Wadors, Chief HR Officer & SVP of Global Talent – LinkedIn

They discussed the emerging trends and issues facing not just Silicon Valley, but employers across the world. Topics ranged from creating an effective corporate culture to increasing diversity in the workplace.

“Increasing diversity tends to lead to more diversity,” said Borenstein.

Pat Wadors noted a crucial element that merged both topics of conversation. “The key driver of engagement is feeling like you belong.”

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