David Audley Has Experience with Emerging Technologies

David Audley has over 15 years of experience in direct management in emerging technologies. He saw the potential for the internet earl, and was quick to see the disruptive potential of web-applications in the healthcare field. Audley further advanced his experiences by moving into new product development research and consulting. Working with companies like Invitrogen, Molecular Probes and BioSource, Audley took an active role in defining new product offerings in areas as diverse as flow cytometry, reagents and laboratory consumables.

David has served as the Managing Partner and CEO of GoodPartners. In this role, he has provided executive leadership to organizations such as the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS), a global nonprofit association that worked to advance point-of-care cell-based therapies. In this position, Audley grew an association from a handful of US-based physicians into a worldwide organization with over 3500 members in 36 countries. Additionally, Audley built and managed the first global accreditation program for cell-based clinics and laboratory facilities. In this capacity, Audley has visited and audited dozens of facilities in nearly 20 countries. A highpoint in this process was Audley’s successful negotiation with AABB, a recognized leader in global accreditation, for a partnership to develop a new system for clinical accreditation. Audley also serves as Chair of the Regenerative Technology Alliance, a global standards and certification association, and was the main editor for the RTA’s Global Standards, a compendium of guidelines for the medical facilities, clinics and laboratories that provide cellular products and materials. In his capacity at the RTA, Audley has also developed relationships with ministries of health in a myriad of countries, and has actively worked with governmental officials in South America, Asia and the Caribbean to develop local standards for the evaluation of cell-based medical therapies.

Audley has spoken extensively on the topic of stem cells and regenerative medicine. He has established a reputation as both an expert on the current state of global regulations about the use of stem cells and the potential of medical tourism and issues associated with rapid expansion of unregulated therapies. Audley was the first individual to address the Academy of Medicine for the Republic of Argentina about stem cells and regenerative medicine. Audley has also successfully hosted multiple international conferences on cell-based and regenerative medicine. He will moderate the Stem Cell panel discussion at the 8th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, in Orlando, FL.

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