8th WMTC in Orlando, Florida Welcomes CTG as Sponsor

“Welcome to CTG DENTALCARE – Dental Treatment Abroad”

Do you need dental treatment but have been put off by UK or USA prices? It’s time to consider dental treatment abroad. Here at CTG Dentalcare you could save up to 70% on UK prices whilst still receiving the best available care.

Since 1982 our clinic has been growing and evolving to incorporate the latest technologies and the facilities of Dentistry. Our rigorous selection of the personnel is one of the key points that make us different. Highly qualified experts who have completed their PhD theses on oral implantology, oral surgery and all other dental branches, also kind and friendly staff will make you feel like home on every minute you spend in CTG Dental Care Center.

While the CTG Dental Care Center is in service of the people of Izmir, it also has been designed with a capacity that is able to meet expectations of our patients who will come from throughout Turkey. Not being limited within the territory of Turkey, our team who provides service in the field of Medical Tourism for long years aims to bring quality health and nice smiles to our patients who will come from abroad too.


Join the Medical Tourism Association®

The World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is the Medical Tourism Association‘s annual international conference, where the annual membership meeting is held. The Medical Tourism Association® is the industry’s official organization dedicated to the growth of the industry globally.

In order to deliver a superior customer service to traveling patients, a successful Medical Tourism Facilitator needs to develop strong relationships with reliable providers, provide flawless travel arrangements, and have an understanding of preoperative and postoperative arrangements, amongst many other steps involved in the planning.

The World Medical Tourism Congress provides exceptional educational and networking opportunities to ensure the success of your business

Become a Certified Medical Travel Professioanl by attending our workshop at the Congress and become a leader in this fast growing industry. 


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