Corporate Health & Well-being Training Session Kicks Off 9th Employer Healthcare & Benefit Congress

The 9th Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress (EHBC) started off with a bang at the Corporate Health & Well-being Training Session. The all-day event instructed participants in the information they need to qualify as a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist.

The CCWS course comprises concise and comprehensive techniques in how to assess the most effective wellness programs on offer, and tailor them to specific industries and employee bases. It lays out step-by-step methods to engage employees and communicate the respective benefits of the options and resources available to them and provides regular updates on the latest legal requirements for the EEOC, ADA, and HIPAA.

The interactive educational training  taught attendees the following:

  • How to successfully implement and manage a wellness program
  • The best practices in wellness programs
  • How to tailor a wellness program to meet the needs of a specific corporate culture
  • The latest rules and regulations issued by the Department of Labor
  • How to restructure company policy to remain compliant of guidelines issued by the EEOC, HIPAA, ACA, and ADA
  • How to drive an organization’s health care costs down by providing the tools, education, and motivation to make employees live healthier and more productive lifestyles

“If you are at all interested in creating a wellness program or are already involved in employee well-being, or even just concerned about the health of your employees, you need a CCWS designation,” said Denise Holland, President & Owner – Healthcare Revolution; Inside Employee Wellness & Consulting and one of the instructors for today’s training. ” Although every wellness program needs to be tailored to the needs of your employees, there are still some truths across all wellness programs, and knowing the basics of wellness program design, implementation and the legalities surrounding employee wellness is essential to success.”

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