Congress Sponsors and Exhibitors: Catering to your needs

It takes many teams cooperating to put together a successful medical tourism business. Several industries are becoming aware of it and adapting to their clients needs, maximizing everyone’s efficiency with a personal touch. The following sponsor and exhibitors are amongst the best specially companies in the industry:


Memorial Healthcare Group is private healthcare provider in Turkey. The Congress sponsor is composed of a chain of facilities that treat over a million patients a year. Since opening in 2000 as the first JCI Accredited hospital in Turkey, they now have 14 locations. Their specialties include Organ Transplants, Cardiovascular Surgery, Invasive Cardiology, Oncology and IVF. Memorial Healthcare Group aims to be one of the first integrated facilities for all medical tourism needs while continuing to operate by ISO quality standards.

rxsource-redLogo_01RxSource is a global pharmaceutical supply. They are based out of a GMP-Certified, Health Canada-approved facility. They also responsibly source pharmaceuticals for agencies, clinical trials, hospitals, clinics, university research and name patient and compassionate programs. RxSource is focused on helping their customers source the drugs they need in a responsible, timely, and cost-effective manner, all while holding the highest possible ethical standards.

custom-assuranceCustom Assurance Placements is quite a unique wholesale broker. They “partner up” with specific agencies in order to develop highly customized programs for specific risk or exposure groups. Sometimes the volume for this “group” is large enough and the program developed will be exclusive to the agency partner. Other programs may involve a few agencies to make up production requirements for that program. Custom Assurance placements can design the perfect package for your medical tourism needs.

JHS-LogoBlack-AID-large-300x300JHS Architecture: Integrated Design, Inc. is a full service design and planning organization offering architecture, planning, and interior design services, as well as fire protection, plumbing, and mechanical engineering. Located in South Carolina, JHS services North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. JHS Architecture has designed several healthcare facilities, since they are involved in every step of the process, they can customize your facility to match your special needs in order for you to better accommodate medical tourism patients.

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