Congress Sponsor Close-Ups: SentinelMed and Regenerative Medicine Solutions

Sponsors SentinelMed and Regenerative Medicine Solutions are all about personalized, customized service. While in different fields of healthcare, both companies are devoted to their medical tourism patient’s needs.

SentinelMED1SentinelMed is a medical transport company. They assist patients traveling for medical emergencies with transport provide medical escorts, but most importantly they offer support and comfort in crucial times. SentinelMed’s trained physicians and nurses are clinically active in patient care and work in emergency and critical care settings. They know and understand the complexities of taking care of a traveler in a foreign country, making them emergency experts. SentinelMED is owned, operated and staffed by US licensed RN’s and MD’s specializing in critical care. Their escorts are also U.S. licensed with extensive experience in travel and aerospace science.

EDUCATIONAL_RMSRegenerative Medicine Solutions (RMS) is a leading global provider of innovative regenerative technologies. Regenerative medicine is the process of regenerating human cells, tissues or organs in order to restore them to their normal function. This procedure is changing lives and RMS offers an array of debilitating conditions with cutting-edge technology.

By attending the 6th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (Nov 3-6) in Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to network with these elite professionals along with many others. Sign up now!

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