CME Credits available at the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress

With everything healthcare professionals have to think about, sometimes earning CME credits is pushed back until the deadline approaches. The World Medical Tourism Congress provides the resources healthcare professionals need to get the continuing education they are required while providing access to the largest educational and networking platform in the medical tourism industry.

Generally speaking, educational activities certified for CME credit have greater credibility for physicians due to the fact that they have been screened carefully for scientific merit and industry bias. Additionally, acquiring CME credits is an effective method of motivating physicians to keep up-to-date with medical advances, and improving physician competence. At the World Medical Tourism Congress we understand this and it is our goal to continuously provide great value to our attendees.

The CME Credits available at the congress will also count toward the Certified Medical Tourism Specialist® program. All available in one place: The 7th World Medical Tourism Congress in Washington D.C. September 20-24.

Our experience tells us that healthcare professionals come for the credit hours as well as for the value of the education itself. See what our congress attendees are saying about their experience at the congress:

Fortis Healthcare (India)

We represent 65 hospitals in India. The conference is very well organized. Meetings have been great. The opportunities are greater than we expected.  We met a lot of facilitators as well as self-funded employers looking for cost saving solutions. The MTA is very important as the platform where everyone can meet and share experiences.”

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (USA)

“The congress has been great. There are lots of networking opportunities. I met with other mind-like businesses and learned a lot about how other companies attract international patients.”

KCM Clinic (Poland)

We came to the congress because we heard it is a great place to gain visibility and networking opportunities with facilitators and other buyers and to communicate the value we provide. We came with specific goals and we made very valuable contacts here. It is important to see in what direction the industry is growing and to see the trends. The MTA is a great help for providers worldwide and this congress helps to bring all stakeholders together to exchange experiences. We will attend the World Medical Congress in 2014!

Visit our Congress website to learn more about the congress and how to register:

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