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An increasing number of employers and corporations focus on employee health and wellness to get their employees and plan members to engage in healthy behavior as a way to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs. The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA). This certification renews annually.

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® (CCWS)

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA).

The certification is a professional designation course that provides case-study driven education that you can obtain live in-person here at our event or online at your leisure.

In order to maintain certification after the required training, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists® must complete five hours per year of continuing education credits to stay up-to-date with industry best-practices and standards.

The CCWS course is split into over 60 modular units. This number continues to grow as new practices are defined and incorporated by our clients and partners. By undertaking the course you ally yourself with our parent organization, the Corporate Health & Wellness Association, and become a part of a much larger professional network.

Get the foremost professional designation to add to your name, resume, business card, social profiles, website, and anywhere else where you want the world to recognize you as an industry leader.

What you learn

Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® sends a clear message to the business community, prospective clients, colleagues, and potential candidates for employment.

A Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist knows:

  • How to successfully implement and manage a wellness program
  • The best practices in wellness programs including the future of well-being trends and most up-to-date case studies on the pillars that make up a robust program
  • How to tailor a wellness & well-being program to meet the needs of specific corporate culture and how to analyze that culture, plan for change and incorporate next steps for top-down training strategies
  • The latest rules and regulations issued by the Department of Labor
  • How to restructure company policy to remain compliant with guidelines issued by the EEOC, HIPAA, ACA, and ADA
  • How to drive an organization’s health care costs down by providing the tools, education, and motivation to make employees live healthier and more productive lifestyles.
  • The strategies to gain timely and relevant information about driving engagement across the generations

Who benefits from certification?

  • HR/Benefits Directors or Wellness Managers
  • Agents, Brokers, and Consultants
  • Insurance/Healthcare Industry Professionals

Benefits of Certification

  • Learn best-practices from the world’s most prestigious corporations & organizations
  • Brand yourself & your organization as forerunners in well-being, engagement & corporate culture development
  • Engage with employers and employees to boost productivity, drive down costs, and foster an ideal corporate culture
  • Speak directly with the captains of the industry reshaping the corporate landscape
  • Receive live updates of the latest legal requirements and regulations for business
  • Gain immediate access to all services and resource on sign up