Certification Program in Medical Tourism Launched for Insurance, HR Professionals and Travel Agents

Medical Tourism Certification Programs

The Medical Tourism Association™ (MTA) has launched two certifications and professional designations for both insurance/HR professionals and travel agents.

Certified Medical Tourism Specialist™ will be the designation for insurance and HR professionals

Over the last four years, the MTA has worked with industry stakeholders and leaders through workshops and focus groups to establish best practices and protocols for handling international patients. The certifications will allow insurance, HR professionals and travel agents to take away from their courses the tools necessary to develop strong health and wellness travel programs, and further their understanding of the requisites for implementation and sustainable growth of this niche market opportunity.

Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association™, stated, “Due to the increasing number of requests from specific industries such as insurance and HR professionals and travel agents looking for specialized education, the Association has provided a solution which allows these professionals to set themselves apart from others on a platform of best practices as they enter this niche market.”

“The certification program will give them the tools to create a roadmap and turn medical tourism from a concept into an action plan that can actually be implemented and managed with ease. This certification program should also allow more insurance, HR professionals and agents to become educated and will raise awareness and adoption of medical tourism across the globe,” Ms. Stephano added.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Medical Tourism Specialist ™:

• Demonstrates to employers, insurers and peers that you possess the training and knowledge to successfully implement and manage both an international and domestic medical tourism program

• Sets you apart from the competition and shows colleagues your specialized expertise and commitment to the industry

• Shows that you are up to date with best practices in implementation, communication & engagement

• Opportunities for job promotion and career enhancement


Benefits of Becoming a Certified Medical Travel Specialist ™:

• Educate individual and corporate clients on health and wellness travel

• Add a niche business model, focused on medical, dental and wellness travel, to their portfolio

• Market health & wellness travel and create a new source of revenue

• Implement health & wellness travel as an approved corporate expense

In order to receive either of the two certifications, program participants must: • Finish 8 hours of training/classes (this can be done either in person or online) • Complete a workbook • Meet educational and professional experience requirements • Pass a comprehensive 100+ question . In order to remain certified, Specialists™ must complete five hours of continuing education credits for the three years following certification, to stay apprised of the best practices and standards in the industry.

The first certification courses will be offered Saturday, October 27 in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida, USA, immediately following the conclusion of the MTA’s 5th Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress.  After December 1st, 2012 the certification courses will be available online for anyone in the world to participate.

For more information or to sign up for certification you can go to http//www.MedicalTourismCongress.com. The cost of the program is $1,500 for two years.

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