Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri will Share his Knowledge of Middle East Healthcare at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

Dr. Fawzi Al-Mammouri will speak at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Orlando, Florida from September 27 -30. He is Chairman of the Board and General Manager of the Specialty Hospital in Jordan, a position he has held since 1999. He has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare leadership. During his tenure at Specialty Hospital, the hospital has undergone drastic changes, becoming one of the most awards and accredited hospitals in the region.

Dr. Al-Hammouri also serves as Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association in Jordan, where he has helped improve the performance of all private hospitals. For his efforts, he was awarded the Best Practice certificate twice and received the Seal of Excellence Award from King Abdullah II.

He is a strong advocate for Jordan as a medical tourism destination and is dedicated to Keeping Jordan on the forefront of medical tourism worldwide.

EU Delegation to Participate in European Summit on Medical Tourism this September in DC

EUMedical Tourism is certainly not a new phenomenon in Europe.  Nearly all 28 EU member states have declared themselves a medical tourism destination, offering a multitude of treatments. Medical Tourism in Europe has only continued to grow since the introduction of the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare. Now every citizen of the European Union has the right to medical treatment in any member state as long as they fulfil certain conditions.  Understanding the Directive can be daunting enough, but understanding the how it will affect the medical tourism industry is even more unclear.

What is needed within Europe is deliberation and collaboration between stakeholders, governments and supply services.  In order to support this effort, the Medical Tourism Association introduced an EU forum and stronger European medical tourism content into its 2013 World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Las Vegas. Driven by the success of the 2013 European Forum, the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will also be hosting the 1st Annual European Summit on Medical Tourism this September 23rd in Washington, DC.  The summit will aim to create a structure and action plan that is realistic and addresses the issues that the modern European international patient expects and demands.


The Delegation of the European Commission in Washington, DC will be sending the Senior Advisor Food Safety, Heath and Consumer Affairs, Agnieszka Jarmula, to represent the EU and update the attendees of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress regarding the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare.  She will address:

  • What are the objectives of the Directive?
  • What are the obligations for healthcare providers under the directive in relation to patients’ rights to cross-border healthcare and the introduction of new policies in relation to overseas visitors’ access to free healthcare?
  • What is the principle of reimbursement?
  • What is the role of national contact points (NCP)?


Ms. Jarmula’s main areas of focus are consumer protection, regulatory transatlantic cooperation, and unfair commercial practices.  She also monitors issues regarding food safety, SPS, nanotechnology, and public health-related policies and legislative developments in the US at national, regional and sectorial levels. She reports and advises colleagues in the Brussels headquarters of significant legislative and policy developments, and conveys the EU’s views to staff in the US government and Congress. She maintains close contact with several US government agencies, trade associations, non-governmental organizations and law firms, as well as member state embassies. CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY


Other topics that will be addressed during the European Summit on Medical Tourism are:

  • Trends in European medical tourism since the Google search explosion in 2006.
  • Opportunities and expectations in elective European medical tourism.
  • The future of European medical tourism and the importance of certification, collaboration, quality communication, patient satisfaction, word of mouth and a coordinating organization.
  • Business development opportunities for the future.


The Summit will be led by the President of MTA Europe, Selin Yildirim.  She has been in the medical field for the past fifteen years and received a number of awards for her work.  CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY

We are also thrilled to announce the participation of Dr. Erich Sieber, President of the European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP) and from Portugal Dr. Paulo Moreira, Editor-in-Chief, of the International Journal of Healthcare Management.  Both have worked closely with the MTA in order to support the medical tourism industry in Europe.

For those EU member states that are truly recognizing the potential and need for medical tourism within their economies, participation within the summit is essential.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY

Bumrungrad CEO to Explain Secret to Success

When searching for medical tourism success stories, undoubtedly Bumrungrad is at the top of the list.  Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital.  Bumrungrad serves over a million patients annually. Over 400,000 are internationals. They include thousands of expatriates who live in Bangkok and nearby countries, plus visitors from 190 countries around the world who come here for treatment. English is widely spoken. The hospital has a medical coordination office staffed by doctors, nurses, and interpreters who serve the special needs of international patients. Bumrungrad has been featured in just about every major media outlet there is. Newsweek, 60 Minutes, Time, NPR, New York Times, CNN, FOX, RAI, Der Speigel. They all have run stories on Bumrungrad as a medical tourism destination. In a 2006 article, Time Magazine called Bumrungrad the “marbled-floor mecca of the medical trade that resembles a grand hotel rather than a clinic.”


Mack BannerThere are of course a plethora of reasons that Bumrungrad has lead in the industry, but according to Bumrungrad’s fearless leader and CEO, Mack Banner, establishing TRUST in your hospital is one of the cores to being a successful hospital in any market.  Mack should know, given that he has served as the CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital since 2005 and has over 39 years of management and development experience in the healthcare sector.  That’s why we are thrilled that he will be joining us for this year’s 7th World Medical Tourism Congress this September 20-24th in Washington, DC where he will expand on this idea of a “transparent hospital” and how Bumrungrad has implemented.  There will be a dedicated time for questions and answers with the audience, so plan ahead and bring your questions with you to DC.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

What will healthcare be like in 2015?

That is the question that everyone involved in the healthcare industry, particularly medical tourism industry, is always asking.  With constant advancements in technology and many countries passing new healthcare legislation, it is sometimes hard to predict what healthcare will be like in the future.

It is this same questions that bestselling author Rohit Bhargava (Likeonomics) and noted digital health futurist Fard Johnmar tackle in their new book ePatient 2015 – 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care.  We at the Medical Tourism Association are always trying to keep a pulse on the global healthcare industry, so we are thrilled that Rohit has agreed to speak and share these trends that he outlines in his book at our annual conference, the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

Bhargava OriginalThe book looks at how technology and empowered patients are fundamentally changing health care – and a vitally important reminder that the future of health care is about more than who pays for it. “One of the trends that we talked about in the report is something that we called ‘CareHacking.’ It is essentially that idea of hacking that is familiar to people in the technology, applying it to healthcare and using it to describe this phenomenon of patients going on and yes finding out their own information, but even finding their own doctors, finding their own solution, aggregating their own patient support networks.  All of these are signs that patients are figuring out the system to get better care and also to actually save money,” Rohit explained in an interview with Bloomberg TV.  Taking a global view, the book brings readers on a journey from the robotics labs of Japan to a tiny Dutch city using data to revolutionize breast cancer treatment. These are the stories that bring 15 bold new trends shaping the future of health care to life, including “The Over-Quantified Self,” “CareHacking,” “MicroHealth Rewards,” and “Multicultural Misalignment” to name a few.


Do you have any predictions for healthcare in 2015? Please share your thoughts and post a comment!

…and of course we also hope that you will join us for an in-person discussion on the topic this September in Washington DC!  Click here to register! 

Lawmakers Aim to Attract Medical Tourists to Rhode Island

photo McNamara 2014Big news is coming out of the small state of Rhode Island!  Rep. Joseph McNamara (D-19) has introduced legislation that would encourage domestic medical tourism to his state of Rhode Island.  One of the goals is to establish a domestic medical tourism classification that would apply to companies where 50 percent or fewer of their clients were from in state.

What he says needs to happen is a revision to the certificate of need process run by the Department of Health. Medical service providers would still need to be licensed, but McNamara is looking to establish a domestic medical tourism classification that would apply to companies where 50 percent or fewer of their clients were from in state. The bill would provide for an exemption of the certificate of need requirement under certain circumstances for domestic medical tourism and multi-practice health facilities. It would also provide for an expeditious review process requiring a decision within 30 days; reduce the health services council that oversees the certificate process from 24 to 12 members and place a moratorium on all new health care services and equipment until July 2015. During the moratorium, the Department of Health would prepare a statewide health care plan and inventory of health care facilities, equipment and health services. READ MORE HERE

More and more lawmakers are looking into medical tourism as a great opportunity to create jobs and boost the economy.  It is exciting for everyone in the medical tourism industry, but understanding the ins and outs of the bill can seem daunting to the average person.  That’s why we’re extremely excited and honored to have Rep. McNamara himself explain the details of this legislation at this year’s 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress that will take place this September in DC.  Don’t miss out on your chance to hear about this and many more exciting case studies!  The price of registration goes up at the end of the month, so don’t wait—REGISTER TODAY!

Can the Media be used to Promote Health and Wellness?

Non-communicable diseases have increased significantly around the world as a result of lifestyle choices, but people are beginning to wake up to the reality and take their health more seriously.  Much of this increase in awareness of the role health and wellness play is a result of media involvement in producing programs, documentaries and reality TV shows that are health related.

In Kenya, health and wellness is being promoted through a popular weight loss challenge TV show called,”Slimpossible”. The very successful TV show which is now in its 4th season is the Kenyan version of the “Biggest Loser” show.  The TV show is a 12 week program that includes a holistic approach to wellness using scientifically proven methods of weight loss in obese women. The TV show which has run successfully for the last 3 years on one of the local stations in Kenya was predominantly a women’s weight loss show, but has seen an uproar in men feeling left out. Thus, the fourth season whose grand finale was on 2nd November 2013, had men and women competing for the top prize which is 1 Million Kenya shillings for the person who loses the most weight the healthy way.

At this year’s 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (Sept 20-24 in DC), Lina Njoroge and Mwenesi Musalia will present this case study of this National Innovation which is addressing obesity in Kenya through media and advocacy especially in the urban population- a major cause of the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases.  They will review scientific evidence for a targeted group for successful weight loss program in urban population in Kenya.  The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Reduce risk factors for chronic diseases through promotion of Wellness at the workplace
  2. Increase awareness and understanding of the influences of unhealthy lifestyle on health and the positive impact of preventive interventions
  3. Develop, strengthen and implement global, regional, national policies and action plans to improve diets and increased physical activity that are sustainable, comprehensive and actively engage all sectors
  4. Monitor science and promote research on diet and physical activity

Attendees will learn how collaborative efforts through the public, government institutions, private institutions and media can enhance the uptake of health tourism worldwide.  It is important to include educative measures and programs as a component of medical travel to empower potential travelers on the available health and wellness options and destinations.  They will also address how wellness programs can complement treatment plans for medical or surgical treatment.

Lina Njoroge is a Nutritionist and a Wellness consultant and has practiced for over 17 years. Lina is health columnist and a well-known TV personality who runs a popular Wellness TV show called “Slimpossible”.  Lina has experience working in the Government in Health care and has participated in developing many guidelines and policies in nutrition and HIV and also in strategic planning. CLICK HERE TO READ HER FULL BIOGRAPHY

Mwenesi Musalia is the General Manager of A& K Global Health, a health care management company that is one of the leading medical travel companies in Kenya. He has a lot of experience in health care provision and is involved in national forums for health care standards in Kenya and East Africa. He has a passion for growing Health tourism in Kenya to high standards.  CLICK HERE TO READ HIS FULL BIOGRAPHY.

CLICK HERE to register today for the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Washington, DC September 21-24, 2014.

Speak Now – Influence Tomorrow

2879People aren’t mind readers, no matter what you think. Your ideas and opinions are important. Let your voice be heard before more than 2,500 delegates – the hospital administers, doctors and clinicians, government policymakers, insurance executives, employers, and travel and tourism entities that make up the World Medical Tourism Congress Sept. 20-24, 2014, in Washington, D.C. Your influence matters. Make it count.

Submit your proposal to speak 

The 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is now accepting speaking proposals for the 2014 Congress taking place September 20-24 in Washington D.C.
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We are looking for leaders in the global healthcare industry who will inspire and fill our attendees with innovative and creative ideas that they can take back and implement within their own organizations.  

2877Seeking innovative topics on:

    • Medical Tourism Trends & Best Practices
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    • Successful Case Studies
    • Marketing / Business Development
    • Understanding Buyers of Healthcare
    • Telemedicine/mHealth/New Technology
    • Healthcare Investment
    • Wellness Tourism 
    • Healthcare Consumerism
    • Travel Insurance
    • Healthcare Reform
    • Global Benefits/Multinational Employers
    • Academic Research Summit
    • Global Medical Network Summit
    • Women’s Healthcare Leadership Summit
    • Medical Director Summit

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