2014 Global Wellness Conference: Research & Case Studies from Around the World


The global wellness tourism market is estimated at US$439-billion dollars and growing. Each year millions of consumers travel on health and wellness vacations, making wellness and Health Tourism as one of the fastest growing travel industries. A whitepaper recently released by the MTA explained the factors driving Wellness Tourism growth; differences between Wellness Tourism and Medical Tourism and why you need to make a distinction. Gain a deeper understanding of the Wellness Tourism market, whether it’s a good fit for your business, and why it is expected to grow into a Trillion Dollar industry by downloading this report today. CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHITEPAPER

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Learn How to Become an Elite Entrepreneur and Grow Your Medical Tourism Business

Being successful in the Medical Tourism industry requires a special set of entrepreneurial skills, especially in the areas of Strategy and Marketing and Sales.  This September, Kevin D. Johnson, best-selling author of The Entrepreneur Mind and president of Johnson Media Inc., will bring his expertise to the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress to shed light on his experiences working in marketing and effectively gathering data. An extremely successful fortune 100 business owner, Kevin has much to offer the medical tourism world. He created one of the first online content management systems in 2000 known as OmniPublisher. An innovative thinker and highly regarded author, Kevin will serve as a great motivator for those seeking fresh insight on ways to market themselves effectively and successfully.

Kevin D. Johnson

Businesses with a clear and solid strategy are prepared to win. Workshop participants will learn how to approach and develop their strategy while examining some strategies that have worked for others in the Medical Tourism industry. Workshop participants will also learn effective tactics that are specific to the Medical Tourism industry. Topics include examining elements of global marketing in today’s business world and understanding the differences between marketing domestically and marketing internationally.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn these valuable skills.  CLICK HERE to register today for the 7th World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Washington, DC September 21-24, 2014.