Certified Medical Tourism Professional Workshop Kicks Off 10th World Medical Tourism Congress

The Certified Medical Tourism Professional® workshop took place today as part of the first day of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. The all-day workshop was a comprehensive course covering the core competencies required for professionals in the medical tourism and medical travel fields.
The course covered nine modules to educate across all aspects of medical travel, including:
  • Build a successful business in the Medical Tourism industry.
  • Mitigate risk unique to the Medical Tourism industry.
  • Select appropriate marketing tools and strategies for your business.
  • Select qualified Healthcare Facilities & Providers.
  • Build relationships with other international professionals around the world.
  • Become educated in quality, transparency, legal and privacy issues surrounding health and wellness travel.
  • Learn how US Companies such as Lowe’s, Pepsi and other international corporations are implementing health and wellness travel into their benefits.
All workshop attendees must now pass an online exam to qualify as a Certified Medical Tourism Professional®. They will receive a three-year designation as well as membership to the Medical Tourism Association which provides them ongoing support as well as discounts to other MTA events.
“The CMTP designation is something everyone involved in the medical tourism community should have,” said Stephen Shearer, Senior Trainer for the Medical Tourism Association and instructor for today’s course. “Everyone involved in the process of patient care, not just the facilitators but the doctors and nurses too. Ensuring that everyone is knowledgeable about the medical tourism process and the expectations of patients are essential to a successful medical tourism initiative. Having everyone on the same page, from the custodians to the head of medicine is crucial.”