Italy’s First Certified WellHotel® | Ti Sana Detox Retreat and Spa

The Medical Tourism Association®, powered by Global Healthcare Resources would like to congratulate and welcome Ti Sana Detox Retreat and Spa as first health spa to become a certified WellHotel®.

Located in Lombardy, Italy, Ti Sana is a multi-award winning retreat that offers a holistic approach to wellness. Their beautifully designed rooms and landscape are part of a historical property dating back to the 18th – century.

Ti Sana features a medical spa boasting a detailed analysis of the guest’s body and other diagnostic tests as well as stress and pain therapy treatments and hydro-colon therapy.

Ti Sana is mostly known for their Healtheatarian program that is designed to help guests learn to set up and manage their own lifestyle in the areas of weight, stress, preventative health and education on healthy eating.

Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa is proud to be participating in the world’s first certification in the wellness tourism field. We strongly believe in authorities who supervise and assure safety to travelers who opt for a healthy vacation. This is a first big step towards the real understanding of health and human well-being that will open many minds across the world. More people will invest in prevention leading to a healthier and happier world.” 

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